Petri misses yet another TAXPAYER FUNDED opportunity to come clean about his conflict of interest!

If you go to the most recent 'Petri Reports', you will see a large article on the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit. If you reside in the 6th, you should have gotten this in the mail this week.

Tom Petri could have, but chose not to, used this TAXPAYER FUNDED communication device to disclose his inherent conflict of interest as a large stockholder in Walgreen's.

As diclosed in the 'Issues' section of jef4wi.com, Petri's interests are perhaps the only interestes this serves in the 6th District.

Yet, this is at least the 4th time Petri has used TAXPAYER FUNDED communication tools to try to sell you the worth of this bill.

Get the word out...



Wow, what a great weekend. I know I have been somewhat remiss in blogging, but I promise I will do it more.

The state convention was a great success. Even with the schedule changes, it seemed to go off without a hitch. I met many very interesting people, and if any of you are reading this, please send me an email at jef@jef4wi.com.

I gave a speach on Friday that seemed to be recieved well. There were several requests for it, so I am going to post it below.

I did ad-lib a little, but this is what I had prepared. Let me know what you think, please.


Remarks from June 11, 2004 to the Wisconsin Democratic Party State Convention:

Hello, my name is Jef Hall and I am running to be the next congressman from Wisconsin’s 6th District. And I am running as a PROUD member of the Democratic Party!

Why? Because Democratic values are AMERICAN values.

I run because I believe in Equal Access to the American Dream. I believe that affordable healthcare, good schools, American liberties and social equality are the building blocks of a great society.

We democrats embrace the words “We the People” and work to better all of American society. Our opposition seems to believe its “Me the People” – talking only of personal tax cuts, rabid nationalism, social division and class warfare.

Funny thing about class warfare, I’ve been told it’s a lot like fishing. It’s a sport, but only one team knows they’re playing.

Pullbacks on OSHA standards and overtime benefits are examples of the assault on America’s working class. We need to re-affirm the right to organize, and strengthen business’s commitment to its workforce and retirees.

You know, Henry Ford thought if he paid his employees enough, they would all spend their money on new cars. Wal-Mart seems to believe a similar axiom, they pay their employees so little, they can’t afford to shop anywhere else.

We need to end the Wal-Mart-ization of America by raising the minimum wage, immediately.

It is a moral outrage that in history’s wealthiest society someone can hold down a full time job, be a good employee, and still live in poverty. How can anyone argue the ability to support a family on $5.15/hour?

To rent an average 2-bedroom apartment here in the Fox Valley, you need to make at least twice the current minimum wage. I suppose that’s why so many people have 2 or 3 of the new jobs created by the Bush Congress.

Raising the minimum wage to at least $7.50/hour, coupled with a national healthcare plan and a TRUE Prescription Drug benefit that is free to utilize the buying power of its members will bring a forgotten segment of society back into the economy and the American Dream.

A second flank of the assault on the American Dream affects workers of all stripes, collar colors and job classifications.

The Bush tax cuts, supported by my opponent, have shifted the tax burden from wealth to work. The average person in Wisconsin received about a $750 tax cut. Do you feel like you have more money? These tax cuts evaporated to fee increases. Did you register a car – an extra $20 per car. Oshkosh added fees for grass removal, PUBLIC boat launches, to enter the PUBLIC city zoo, closed the PUBLIC pool, charges to enter the PUBLIC museum, even proposed charging youth soccer to use PUBLIC parks, and is anyone here trying to send someone through a PUBLIC school or university. Did you hear the news this morning on that?

In congress I will support REAL tax relief for those middle-class Americans who TRULY drive our economy and productivity. We need to turn back the tide of privatization in our country and our state.

“But Jef,” you say, “you are alienating the wealthy who make over $200,000/year.” They’re not my constituency. These wealthy few may be the constituency of my opponent, as illustrated by his votes not to continue unemployment benefits for workers while voting to continue tax cuts for those making over $1 million/year. He can have the vote of every person in the District making over $200,000/year. I’ll simply take the rest, count them up, and see who really represents Wisconsin’s interests.

Now, don’t think that I’m anti-business. Every business deserves a FAIR profit. It has been said that what is good for business is good for America. I disagree. I believe that what is good for Americans is good for business. The main consumers and producers of our economy are the workers and the middle class. You can sell neither product nor service without a vibrant, empowered marketplace and consumer base. If you want to support business, support the consumer.

I would like to finish today with a great quote from a Republican, Teddy Roosevelt (that’s how far back I had to dig). “This country will not be a good place for any of us to live in unless it is a good place for all of us to live in.” This, I feel captures perfectly what I hope to accomplish not only in this campaign, but in life. I urge you to help me to make this a world in which we all can live, by sending me to represent YOU in November.

Thank you.