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OshNW: Editorial: Harris clearly best choice for county executive

Rarely do voters get an opportunity to send someone to office as well-qualified and accomplished as Winnebago County Executive Mark Harris. He deserves your vote April 7 for a second term.

Post-C: Editorial: Harris deserves second Winnebago term

Mark Harris has a solid record of leadership in four years as Winnebago County executive. He's knowledgeable about financial issues, pragmatic about budget constraints and works to protect the services county residents rely on.


Message to WCDP... Lit drops Saturday!

Hello Members and Friends of the Winnebago County Democratic Party!

I am re-attaching this month’s newsletter, it seems I emailed out an incomplete copy. If you skip to page 3, you will see the additions. Sorry for any inconvenience…

The newsletter online is updated as well here: http://www.jef4wi.com/newsletters.html

Lit Drops for endorsed Candidates!

On April 4th, we will have 2 lit drops for endorsed candidates. They will be out of the Labor Hall in Neenah and Jef Hall’s house in Oshkosh.

If you can volunteer part of your Saturday for our candidates, please let me know. Call 920.203.6883 or email jef@jefhall.com (or just hit reply!).


Labor Hall - 157 S Green Bay Rd, Neenah

Jef Hall’s – 112 E Irving Ave, Oshkosh

Here is a list of our endorsed candidates that we urge you to cast a ballot for on April 7th:

Mark Harris - Winnebago County Executive

mharris1@new.rr.com - www.harris4exec.com

(920) 232-8688

Dennis Kavanaugh - Oshkosh School Board

dkavanaugh@ntd.net - (920) 231-3397

Jessica King - Oshkosh Common Council

jking@oshkoshlawyers.com - (920) 424-3938

Susan Rubick - Clayton Town Supervisor


Shirley Abrahamson - State Supreme Court

www.abrahamson2009.com - (608) 222-8806

Tony Evers – Superintendent of Schools

campaign@tonyevers.com - (414) 755-2343

Stan Sevenich – Menasha City Council

www.sevenichforalderman.com – (920) 725-2429

Tim Hamlin – Neenah City Council

(920) 722-4593

Jef Hall

Chair, Winnebago County Democratic Party

2nd Vice Chair, Democratic Party of WI

224a Scott Ave, Oshkosh, WI 54901





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