Tom Petri Encourages Corruption In Road Building...

During yesterday's debate, the House passed by voice vote an amendment -- sponsored by Reps. William Pascrell (D-8th Dist.), Frank LoBiondo (R-2nd Dist.) and Robert Menendez (D-13th Dist.) -- that would allow states to ban companies that have donated to political candidates or parties from participating in federal contracts.

New Jersey has enacted legislation prohibiting the state from awarding contracts worth more than $17,500 to those who have donated to state or county political parties in the previous 18 months. But acting Gov. Richard Codey vetoed parts of the bill pertaining to federal highway contractors because the Federal Highway Administration said the ban would tread upon the constitutional rights of campaign contributors. The vetoes have not yet been acted upon by the Legislature, and could be unnecessary if the House amendment becomes law.

Who thought that this was a bad idea?

There was little opposition offered to the amendment on the House floor, with only Rep. Thomas Petri (R-Wis.) speaking against it. Petri said the measure will waste money and time by forcing the federal government to police the political giving of contractors, many of whom operate nationally.

"It's eventually going to add to paperwork and end up resulting in higher costs," Petri said. He said New Jersey's corruption problems might require a federal fix, "but not at the expense of weakening the system for competitive bidding nationwide."


It reminds me of something else he has said (In regards to Rep. DeLay's ethics violations - not to mention that large amount of contributions he recieves from road-building interests).....


And never forget the classic....



Some Local Election News

...from the last few days.

Jane VanDeHey finally caught in a lie:


In a rebuttal format near the end, Harris challenged Van De Hey for claiming to have a master’s degree in public administration in both a newspaper story and again in listing her credentials at the outset in her opening statement.

“You have not in fact completed that program have you?” Harris asked.

Van De Hey acknowledged right away that she stopped just short of earning her master’s and because of the job responsibilities “I simply haven’t had the time to finish it.”

A short time later, when Van De Hey indicated she had earlier referred to “studies in public administration,” Harris challenged her again that “you certainly implied that you had (a master’s degree) when you didn’t.”

“I’m sorry. I have two credits left and I’ll die (and) I won’t have it,” she said, trying to make light of the situation. “It will be on my tombstone and you can all read it.”

During her opening, Van De Hey said she had earned an associate degree, a bachelor’s degree and “completed studies on a master’s degree in public administration.”

I have seen this happen often. I was at a parade in Menasha where Van De Hey declared that she is a Democrat, and at meetings in Oshkosh where she has said "What we do in the Republican Party..."

At the Rotary forum, she declared that she has attanded all of the Soccer/Rugby fee meetings of the park board. I have attended every single one, she has been at 2 of the 9 or 10 meetings we have had.

Labor Council Announces Endorsements:


For Oshkosh Common Council: Bryan Bain & Meredith Schuermann
For Winnebago County Executive: Mark Harris
For Oshkosh School Board: Lee Wilson
For Circuit Court Branch 2: Scott Woldt
For Oshkosh Mayor: No Endorsement

I think this really is interesting. The candidates that seem to get hit as the 'Council Candidates' were just endorsed by the Unions.

I think it is obvious who really has the best plans for ALL of Oshkosh.


Watch the bankrupcy bill....

Krugman agrees that it is bad for America...

Warren Buffett recently made headlines by saying America is more likely to turn into a "sharecroppers' society" than an "ownership society." But I think the right term is a "debt peonage" society - after the system, prevalent in the post-Civil War South, in which debtors were forced to work for their creditors. The bankruptcy bill won't get us back to those bad old days all by itself, but it's a significant step in that direction.

And any senator who votes for the bill should be ashamed.