War Profiteering:


John Kerry's quote, "I actually voted for the $87 billion before I voted against it." Was regarding financing of the occupation.

He asserted in an amendment to the bill that some of the costs should come from Iraqi oil money, and part from the US Treasury.

Bush made it known that unless all $87 billion came from the Treasury, he would veto the spending bill. In fact, most Republicans voted against the bill before they voted for it.

Now we know why. They wanted all the money from BOTH the US Treasury AND the Iraqi oil funds.

Remember, when you read this article, that the Coalition Provisional Authority is the American Government. WE were deciding to waste Iraqi funds on sweetheart deals for American companies with ties to the administration and the Republican Party. It is not an Iraqi institution.

This is not the way America should work. The Democrats and John Kerry were pushing for sensible funding of the Iraqi reconstruction effort, only to be overruled by a greedy, corrupt administration.

Yet another reason we need to change the whole system on Nov 2nd. There can be no complacency this year.


"It's serious business," Bush said. "I mean, we wouldn't be, you know, contacting authorities at the local level unless something was real."


"I want to thank people for coming to work," Laura Bush told a cheering crowd at the Citigroup Center in midtown, one of the financial centers in the terrorists' cross hairs.
While Gov. Pataki bought coffee, Bush and First Twins Jenna and Barbara - along with Mayor Bloomberg - mingled with workers and ignored a John Kerry supporter shouting, "Kerry! Kerry!"


A few questions:

If the treat was real, would he have sent his wife and daughters? Would the secret service let him?

If it really was a treat, and he wanted to show resolve, shouldn't he have gone into danger and not his family?

It has been shown, that on Sept. 11 Bush diverted to the mid-west because of a 'possible threat on Air-Force One', he runs from threats and sends his wife and daughters to face them....

Family values......

Or, more likely, there was no threat. It was a lie, a waste of resources. Is that high crimes or misdemeanors?
Paul Krugman again on the poor coverage of the convention:


We need to make sure there is fair coverage of the Republicans coming up, and talk to people about it if is isn't.
Will this make as much news as the alert it spurned:


Tell your friends, everytime Kerry gets a bump in the polls, we have another terror warning. It is an established pattern.

What happened to the little boy who cried wolf?

These warnings are making us less safe, not more.



Here is the weekly update email I send out for anyone not on the list (to get on the list, email me - jef@jef4wi.com):

Jef for Wisconsin Update

Hello from me, Jef Hall. I am, as you should know, running to be the next Member of Congress from Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District.

I hope to change the quality of representation for our district and our country. I am running “From and For Middle America.” We need representation that is responsive to the needs of the people of Wisconsin’s 6th District. The time of tax cuts for the wealthy and higher drug prices for seniors is at an end.

I, as your representative, will go to Washington with your needs in mind. I will fight for a national health care plan that ensures care to all Americans, no matter your station in life. I will propose a prescription drug plan to provide real savings not only for seniors, but for all.

In Washington, as YOUR representative, I will lead on issues that affect the true majority of the 6th district. We need a tax policy that benefits middle and working America - those struggling to earn the American dream, not the wealthy few which already have their share and more. I will lead the fight to grant benefits to American companies that work to keep high-paying, quality jobs in America, and remove any benefit from companies that send good, American jobs oversees.

I will propose legislation to raise the minimum wage above the embarrassing current rate of $5.15 an hour. It is a moral outrage in the wealthiest society in history; that someone can work full-time, be a good employee, and yet live in poverty. This is not how I want our America.

How can we make our America the country we want it to be? Help me. Help me make a basic change in Washington. Help me put our focus back on “We the People” and away from Corporate and money power.

How can you help?

First and foremost, contribute. We have a little over 90 days until the election, and much work to do, most of which will cost money. While person-to-person contact is the best way to spread a political message, as we speak to people we will also need to pass out lit, give buttons, post signs, send letters, and do all the things that are a part of an organized campaign. These are things that cannot get done without funding.

Secondly, start that person-to-person contact. Tell your friends, family and neighbors that live in the 6th district there is a choice. Go to my website for printouts to use when speaking to people. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Also, I would love to speak to any groups to which you belong: unions, service clubs, social or professional groups – please contact me and let me know of any opportunities you have for me to get my name and issues out. If you would like to host an event: coffee, BBQ or other event for me to meet people and discuss the important issues of today, please contact me.

Thirdly, wear your Jef buttons, your Kerry t-shirts; stick your Feingold bumper stickers. Let people know how you are voting and what you believe in. I truly believe people want to vote democratic this year, it is just up to us to give them that opportunity. Let people know that the Democratic Party is the choice for them.

This is a revolutionary year, I am proud to be a part of it. And I am also proud to have your help.

Thank you,


p.s. Please visit www.jef4wi.com or reply to this email to contact me. I look forward to hearing from and working with you.

Let’s make November 2nd a day we will all remember, and an event that we will be able to tell people for years, “I was part of that!” Please forward this message to anyone else that would like to get involved.