I have just finished up the series of debates with Rep. Petri. I have heard from attendees and the media that it was a sweep! Jef Hall won all three.

There has been great response. I am trying to get the first debate on local cable shows before Election Day. I have a DVD of it available if you can help me get it on your local cable access channel. On the DVD Tom Petri replying to ethics concerns about his Medicare votes in light of the millions of dollars he owns in Walgreen’s stock, is quoted “Walgreen’s isn’t a drug company, they just sell prescriptions.” He also equated Tom DeLay’s selling of access to the congress laughing, “It’s a little like a traffic violation, you can get arrested for something, but it’s not like a murder.”

On the issues, we were 100% in opposition in healthcare, worker’s rights, tax policy and many other issues. We need to change our representation.

We can hold Petri accountable for his Medicare record at an upcoming forum - Wednesday, October 27th, 1:30 at Pine Haven Christian Home, 500 block of Giddings Ave in Sheboygan Falls. The sign says “Medicare reform, Rep. Tom Petri, Public Welcome.” I would like to get a crowd of people there with pill bottles and Walgreen’s stock certificates (background info is here: http://www.jef4wi.com/petridrugs.pdf). Please reply to this message if you can be there. Also, please pass this on to others who may be able to come. We need to get press on this issue, and this is the best way.

While Petri has received the recommendations of the Oshkosh Northwestern and the Appleton Post-Crescent both included great words about my campaign, and given the political tilt of those papers, I consider this a victory. A quote from the Post-Crescent:
“In Jef Hall, Petri faces a worthy opponent who isn’t simply a name on the Democratic ticket. He espouses a noble philosophy that, if you take care of people, business will take care of itself. He makes his strongest arguments about health care reform, strengthening the middle class and eliminating unfunded mandates.”
What can we do between now and the election? I hope you are volunteering at your local coordinated campaign or county party office. They will be organizing lit drops and have my lit piece there as well. Please sign up for a shift, there is nothing more important than getting the vote out this year, here are some places you can contact:

Winnebago County: Charis Rose – 101 High Ave, Oshkosh – 920-996-0081 – charisr@wisdems.org
Fond du Lac County: Ben Gaines – 20 S Main St, Fond du Lac – 920-924-0569 – beng@wisdems.org
Sheboygan County: Mike Bare – 816 N 8th St, Sheboygan – 920-4578685 – mikeb@wisdems.org
Manitowoc County: Kate Farrar – 822 S 8th St, Manitowoc – 414-704-4577 – katef@wisdems.org

We have been very lucky in the quality of the organizers that have been sent to our area, please utilize them. Also, make sure they are including my lit piece with any lit drops they do.

Please continue putting out signs, displaying my bumper sticker, and wear my lapel sticker around. There is a large supply in each of the county offices.

I have a supply of lit pieces in each office; please grab a handful to pass them out to friends, family and co-workers.

Thank you for all your help over the campaign. And please keep up the good work!

Don’t forget, reply to this message if you can help me make a scene at the Sheboygan Falls Medicare Forum, Wednesday.