Tony Talks Poverty... Again...

At the Oshkosh Common Council meeting tonight, Councilor Tony Palmeri went off on a rant about the problems of poverty in Oshkosh. He declared the money for the Grand repairs would be much better spent helping people in poverty rather than supporting the Grand... and then voted to deny this money to people in poverty by spending the money on the Grand.

Now, I am as dedicated to poverty reduction as any elected official (and if anyone would like to discuss my record, I am open). But Palmeri, in his 2.5 years as an elected Oshkosh Common Council Member has done little or nothing to reduce poverty in Oshkosh.

Because Mr. Palmeri is very good at self-promotion, let's look at his major tool for this to evaluate his record: www.talktotony.blogspot.com (the link takes you to a Google search of his blog for the word 'Poverty').

You will find that he has 10 results about poverty on his blog. Tony was first elected in 4/2007. Of these 10, 6 are from before he was elected. Including:

In this post, he calls for the creation of a blue-ribbon panel on poverty consisting of former mayors (mind you, he would not be part of this panel) as a campaign promise.

In this post, he calls for "a jobs summit and/or create an Economic Development Commission to come up with real strategies for maintaining, attracting, and creating family supporting jobs in the community" - another opportunity for talking (but not doing anything) about poverty.

In this post he calls for "a living wage ordinance for the city of Oshkosh" - an item he has had 2.5 ears as a council member to introduce, but has not.

In the posts since his election, he has recorded:

A move by then Mayor Frank Tower (not Palmeri) to create a commission.

A post featuring a Kennedy quote.

A post comparing the war on Drugs with the War on Poverty.

A post complaining how the new ambulance rates will hurt the poor (he voted for it):
We approved new ambulance rates (I was part of the 6-1 majority), but we completely dropped any discussion of how increased rates affect those least able to pay. We gave lip service to that topic at the August workshop, and it did turn out to be just that: lip service. The painful reality is that this council or city government in general does not have in place any coherent anti-poverty program, nor do we seem particularly interested in developing one. We are all responsible for that; I am not trying to blame anyone.
Once again, Mr. Palmeri complained about the neglect of the poor, while continuing to neglect them.

Here is the rub. As a member of the Oshkosh Common Council, he has the opportunity to introduce any resolution at any meeting. The way I see it, he has been in office 52 months, and at 2 meetings a month, that is 104 opportunities to do something on this issue squandered.

Tonight, Mr. Palmeri called once again for more than lip service for Oshkosh's residents in poverty. I hope this time he actually means it.

His record does not look promising.

Health Care Reform Rally, Corn Roast, Stand by the Grand, Labor Day - Lots of Opportunities to Get Involved!

Hello Members and Friends of the Winnebago County Democratic Party!

There are several events over the next 2 weeks that you might like to get involved with:

1. Stand by the Grand!

The Oshkosh Common Council will be voting on repairs to the Grand Opera House at their meeting today Tuesday, August 25th. We need to show our support! Please gather with me in the City Hall parking lot before the meeting and show our Council members how much the people of Oshkosh value their Grand! Let's line the sidewalk with people who know the Grand must continue in our community!

The meeting starts at 5:15, please be there by 4:15!

2. Health Care rally in Green Bay

This Wednesday, August 26th, at 6:00 pm. there will be a major rally in Green Bay to support health care reform!! Send Rep. Steve Kagen back to Washington to fight for health care reform that will provide quality, affordable health care for all Americans.

The rally will be held at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay Phoenix Room. Join us to show America that people from Wisconsin are fair minded, caring people who want EVERYONE to have affordable health care!

3. Winnebago Dems Corn Roast


Great Corn, Great Politics, Great People!

The Corn Roast will be August 29th, from 1-4PM. Once again, it will be held at Winnebago County Park in Shelterhouse 1. Speakers will include Assembly Majority Leader Tom Nelson, Rep Gordon Hintz, Rep Penny Bernard-Schaber and County Executive Mark Harris as well as other invited speakers.

$5 will once again get you a couple of hot dogs and all the corn on the cob you can eat.

4. Labor Day Events in Winnebago County

We will again show our support for labor by marching in the Menasha-Neenah Labor Day Parade Monday, September 7th. Please meet at Germania Hall – 320 Chute St, Menasha at 9:15 AM for a 10:00 AM Parade start.

After the parade we will spend time at both the Neenah and Oshkosh Labor Day picnics.

Neenah Labor Day Picnic: 157 S Green Bay Rd, Neenah

Oshkosh Labor Day Picnic and Car Show: South Park, Oshkosh

To join both the Democratic Party of WI & your local Winnebago County party, go here: http://www.wisdems.org/membership_sign-up.asp

As always, contact me anytime with questions,


Jef Hall

Chair, Winnebago County Democratic Party

2nd Vice Chair, Democratic Party of WI

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