How can we possibly say this election is legit?

Gunmen kill three Iraqi candidates
War-torn nation to seal borders, implement curfew during voting


I said it in my campaign, we should let Iraq vote when it was ready, not when Bush needed a date for his election.

Now, it is too far gone to stop, yet to chaotic to be legit. Yet another position where we have been given two bad chioces by this administration.

What are we to believe....

It looks to me like there are businesses in Manitowoc that can be successfull, and pay their employees a good wage.....

Independent Business Association of Wisconsin: Opposes Minimum Wage Increase to $6.50

“With Wisconsin’s high tax rate status and poor entrepreneurial climate an increase to $6.50 an hour would further undermine the business climate and hurt small businesses in this state,” stated Michael Fredrich, President of Manitowoc Custom Molding.

“Furthermore, raising the wage to $6.50 would make Wisconsin’s minimum wage the highest in the Midwest and establish us as an island of uncompetitiveness in the national and world marketplace,” Fredrick added.


A Manitowoc firm announces plans to more than double its workforce.
David and Janice Forkins, who run Fiber Spec, say they plan to hire 40 people.
The company makes plastics for the marine, transportation and packaging industries.
The company employees 30 people.
It plans to add the additional 40 general to skilled laborers in upcoming months.
The wages for the workers average nine dollars an hour, up to fifteen after full training.
David Forkins also says he has decided to rename the company Manitowoc Composites.



This is a great editorial on how the British got slavery outlawed:


This is a fascinating subject, really one of the first popular political movements. A great cause, and a great study on organizing.