Rep-Elect Michelle Litjens just might have no idea what she is talking about....

From a profile today in the OshNW:

"People need to take responsibility for their communities and not look to the government to fix everything anymore," Litjens said. "In the towns, when the town hall parking lot needs to be plowed or a culvert cleaned out, someone raises their hand and it's done. The more government promises to do, the less we help each other. In towns, people take responsibility for each other."
(emphasis mine)

I urge Rep-Elect Litjens to look at the Winnebago County 2011 Executive Budget for Snow & Ice Removal:


p 294 - $696,340 - COUNTY: Snow & Ice
p 294 - $927,070 - STATE: Snow & Ice
p 294 - $400,000 - LOCAL MUNICIPALITIES: Snow & Ice
Total: $2,023,410
The county plows all the roads and many of the facilities for local governments. 

The county is also the agent for bridges and culverts throughout these areas as well.

In fact, the county has over $30,000,000 budgeted or planned on Roads, Bridges, Culverts, Snow & Ice in the towns and rural areas of Winnebago county

p 289 - line 4510 - $2,520,676 - Hwy Maint-Municipal
p 289 - line 6510 - $176,118 - Hwy Maint-Municipal

p 294 - $25,000 - COUNTY: On Systems Bridge
p 294 - $696,340 - COUNTY: Snow & Ice

p 294 - $724,258 - STATE: On Systems Bridge
p 294 - $927,070 - STATE: Snow & Ice

p 295 - $2,594,309 - LOCAL MUNICIPALITIES
Snow & Ice - $400,000
Routine Maintenance - $1,833,158
Road Construction - $352,236

p 518-23 - $26,436,465 - County Highway Capital Projects for rural county roads
I would urge Rep-Elect Litjens to learn about government funding before she votes on those funds.


Post Office Letter - Please Send Today!


Time runs out tomorrow!  Please send this in today!

Here is a printable letter to send to help save the 549 (Oshkosh & entire Zip Code) area.

Please print and send in today! They need to be in the mail tomorrow!



Letter to Legislators & the Post Office

Oshkosh Post Office

Please send the letter below to:


Lisa Androus
Manager, Consumer Affairs
Lakeland District
PO Box 5011
Milwuakee WI 53201-5011

Ms. Androus,

Please add this message to the many you have received in support of mail processing in Oshkosh, WI. I would like to voice my opinion regarding the Area Processing Study (AMP) that commenced on August 2, 2010 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I am opposed to the consolidation of the Oshkosh, Wisconsin Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC) to Green Bay, WI or elsewhere.

I am concerned about having to sacrifice the mail service I currently receive and have grown to expect. The Oshkosh facility currently has the most First Class overnight commitments in the whole State of Wisconsin. Moving the mail would mean a lot of these overnight commitments would now become two day commitments, that which is the standard in Green Bay.

As well as the possible compromising of levels of service, I am also concerned about the loss of local jobs in the 549 area and the effect it will have on the local economy such as loss of revenue and loss of property tax payers.

Furthermore, I believe that the post office is a necessary part of the business infrastructure for Oshkosh, Winnebago County and the entire 549 zip code. Additional bulk mail costs will be figured in to the calculus made by potential employers moving to the area, and current employers as they manage their business.

Let it be put on record that I have responded in opposition to this AMP study. USPS has a responsibility of maintaining the current service standards and of making improvement in service and to not degrade that service as would be the result of closing the Oshkosh Post Office.



You can also mail a copy to our legislators:

Sen. Herb Kohl
330 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510
202-224-5653 (Washington)
800-247-5645 (District)

Sen. Russ Feingold
506 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington dC 20510
202-224-5323 (Washington)
920-465-7508 (Green Bay)

Rep. Tom Petri
6th Congressional District
2462 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington DC 20510
202-225-2476 (Washington)
920-231-6333 (Oshkosh)