Green Party in the Debates

The Eisman Campaign released another 'Why can't I debate?' press release today (again without the necessary 'Authorized by' statement).

I have been personally torn on this issue. Yes, he reached the threshold for getting on the ballot, that argues for inclusion.

However, Wisconsin has one of the easiest ballot criteria in the country, so should that be the sole arbiter?

We the People Wisconsin have not invited Eisman to the debate because he can not demonstrate an ability to capture a base percent of the vote (I have heard it set at 5 or 10% in different reports).

I tend to agree with this decision. Why? The debate tonight is set to help people decide the direction of Wisconsin. Our system is set up such that anyone that receives a plurality of votes is the winner.

I do not yet have statewide figures, but Eisman received .3% of the vote in the Winnebago County Gubenatorial primary. I would assume that is equal or better than the state total.

This, along with no statewide polls registering him at 10% or above and, with the average polling showing Green (R) at 41/.7%, Doyle (D) at 47.7% and undecided at 9.3%, there seems to be no mathematical way that Eisman could arrive at 51% of the vote (or, with Wisconsin requiring a plurality to win, 34% if the other 2 split the vote perfectly).

I'm sorry, but I see no compelling reason to include Eisman in the debate.

It is up to Eisman to make himself a valid candidate. It is not up to We the People Wisconsin to do it for him.

It is also up to the Green Party to make an organization that can move enough voters to elect their candidates.

Ziggy's Sins

One thing I wanted to make clear after this whole thing.

Ziggy is not a bad man because he differs on issues from the party mainstream.

While I have been critical of him for his votes and statements. We do allow a larger amount of decent in our party than the Republicans do. I am (frustratingly) proud of that.

And, while Ziegelbauer may differ - by caucusing with the Dems, he will help us get the majority, and if we have the majority, our bills will be advanced whether he agrees with them or not.

Remember, majority controls the agenda.

Ziegelbauer's sins are teamwork and timing.

Teamwork - You may not support everyone on your team, but don't cross lines. Ziegelbauer does not need to rave about Kagen, but he should not endorse the opponent.

Ziggy, stay quiet and stay out. You have 2 full-time jobs, I'm sure you can find a different way to spend your time.

Timing - It was a slap in the face to have that commercial come out the day after the primary.

If the add would have been recorded after the primary were over and come out later, it would have been a kick in the pants, but not a slap in the face.

The timing of the add, recording before the Democratic Primary and released after the polls closed the day of the primary showed an extreme disdain for those in the party that voted for Ziegelbauer on the 12th. It was disrespectful to those Dems in his district that have supported him through the years.

Ziegelbauer is allowed to have his own mind for issues, but if he chooses to run under the Democratic banner, he should show some respect to those that have worked hard to make that a banner worth using.

His lack of respect for the party is his sin.



Let's see them put her in her own party....

Still not getting it...

From an article about the lad who is running against Jeff Rammelt in Jefferson County:

She is a member of the Jefferson Optimist Club and the Jefferson County Republican Women's Party.

Do they not let women in the regular Republican Party?


More Proof That Republicans Just Don't Get It:

George Allen has an 'Ethnic Community' Campaign Rally!

Am I the only one that thinks he really believe that they should not be invited to the 'regular' rallies in "America and the real world of Virginia"

Wouldn't you think everyone should be invited to every rally?

This add will beat the Macaca out of Allen...

Click here...

Hey Ziggy - Why didn't this come out before the primary?

Rep Bob Ziegelbauer (D, kinda - Manitowoc), who just won a primary yesterday against Ann-Marie Woznicki (D, actually) is out today with a TV spot supporting John Gard...

My question, if it just came out today, when was it shot?

And, Ziggy, why didn't you mention that you were doing a spot for Gard before the primary? It had to have been 'in the can' by then...

Let's look at Ziggy's record:

Voted for the anti-civil union amendment

Against raising the minimum wage

Supports TABOR

Supports Republican Tax Freeze (without balance for local funds)


Pro Voter ID requirement to vote

Pro-Health Savings Accounts over real Health Care Reform

Against Real Stem Cell Research

I could go on...

I question the timing of Ziegelbauer's endorsement. I understand politics, but if he was going to endorse Gard all along, I think that would be something Democratic Party primary voters would have wanted to know before they filled in a ballot.

Hopefully it will be something they remember next time.

Full disclosure - Ziegelbauer is my roommates cousin, as I understand.

A few updates on County Board Size...

... are over on Winnebago 17, my Winnebago County Board blog.

Republican Unity

From Wispolitics:

Paul Bucher complained that "elections can be bought" and his loss to J.B. Van Hollen -- who put $700,000 of his own money into the GOP AG primary -- "tells me elections are for sale."

"How can you compete with that? It's pretty clear he was down in the polls and decided to put in the money. ... I'm not going to mortgage my life for this job," Bucher said, taking a swipe at Van Hollen, who got half of the money from a second mortgage on his home.

1. Good to see they are not going to play well together for the general election.

2. Will Bucher join the Democratic Party of Wisconsin in calling for publicly funded election, now?

The Coming Democratic Landslide?

If you look at WTMJ's election numbers, with 82% reporting, 328,649 have voted in the Democratic AG primary, while 211,500 have voted in the Republican one.

That's 60.84% Dem!

Does this make sense?

Above is a screen shot from Winnebago County's election website.

It shows that, with 5,907 people voting in the Democratic Primary, 6,287 votes have been counted for the Governor's race.

Lower, with 6,998 votes cast in the Republican primary, 8,752 have been cast in the Republican DA race, 7,965 for Republican AG and 7,076 for Petri...

How does that work?


Quote of the Day: "first tee shots were preceded by a moment of silence and a prayer."

This is how the Assembly Republicans in NY marked the fifth anniversary of 9-11.

The Republican Assembly Campaign Committee held a $350 per person golf fundraising event in Wilton, a suburb of Saratoga Springs, where a funeral was being held for state Trooper Joseph Longobardo. The officer died last week after being shot while searching for fugitive Ralph "Bucky" Phillips, who was captured Friday.

There were concerns about the date, said Phil Oliva, a spokesman for Assembly Minority Leader James Tedisco. But organizer Roy McDonald, a GOP Assemblyman and a Vietnam veteran, wanted to go ahead. The first tee shots were preceded by a moment of silence and a prayer.


Oshkosh Firefighter Representing Wisconsin at WTC Annivesary

Gov. Doyle: Thanks Oshkosh Firefighter for Representing State at 9/11 Memorial in NYC

Governor Doyle today thanked John Gee, a firefighter from Local 316 in Oshkosh, for representing Wisconsin at a tribute ceremony honoring first responders for the five year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. The Governor appointed Firefighter Gee to represent the state following a request in August from New York Governor George Pataki.

"Today is a day to pay tribute to the victims of the tragic morning of September 11th and to remember the brave men and women who were there to help save and protect our fellow Americans." Governor Doyle said. "It is also a time to be united as Americans and to be proud of the dedicated men and women who put their lives at risk that day, and every day."

The tribute celebration, which took place at World Trade Center 7 in New York City, was a chance for the country to say thank you to America's first responders, police, firefighters, and EMTs who put their lives on the line to make America safer and honor them for courage and selflessness.

"It was such an honor to be recognized by the Governor and be chosen to participate as a representative of the state of Wisconsin in the memorial ceremony, said Gee. "I was absolutely overwhelmed by the honor paid to all first responders and will never forget it."

Governor Doyle also appointed Tim Ritter, the Lieutenant for Professional Standards the Dane County Sheriff's Department and the Commander of the Dane County SWAT Team, to attend the ceremony.

FDR v. W

Frank Rich in the NYTimes:

At the National Cathedral prayer service on Sept. 14, 2001, President Bush found just the apt phrase to describe this phenomenon: “Today we feel what Franklin Roosevelt called ‘the warm courage of national unity.’ This is the unity of every faith and every background. It has joined together political parties in both houses of Congress.” What’s more, he added, “this unity against terror is now extending across the world.”

The destruction of that unity, both in this nation and in the world, is as much a cause for mourning on the fifth anniversary as the attack itself. As we can’t forget the dead of 9/11, we can’t forget how the only good thing that came out of that horror, that unity, was smothered in its cradle.

When F.D.R. used the phrase “the warm courage of national unity,” it was at his first inaugural, in 1933, as the country reeled from the Great Depression. It is deeply moving to read that speech today. In its most famous line, Roosevelt asserted his “firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.” Another passage is worth recalling, too: “We now realize as we have never realized before our interdependence on each other; that we cannot merely take but we must give as well; that if we are to go forward, we must move as a trained and loyal army willing to sacrifice for the good of a common discipline, because without such discipline no progress is made, no leadership becomes effective.”

What followed under Roosevelt’s leadership is one of history’s most salutary stories. Americans responded to his twin entreaties — to renounce fear and to sacrifice for the common good — with a force that turned back economic calamity and ultimately an axis of brutal enemies abroad. What followed Mr. Bush’s speech at the National Cathedral, we know all too well, is another story.

Quotes of the Day - Truth from Bush Edition

As quoted by Maureen Dowd in the NYTimes:

When a reporter asked President Bush a couple of weeks ago what Iraq had to do with 9/11, he blurted out the truth: “Nothing.” But momentarily dismissing that fantasy isn’t about to dissuade him from others. “One of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq to the war on terror,’’ President Bush told Katie Couric this week. I bet. Making up is hard to do.