The Coming Democratic Landslide?

If you look at WTMJ's election numbers, with 82% reporting, 328,649 have voted in the Democratic AG primary, while 211,500 have voted in the Republican one.

That's 60.84% Dem!


Ben Masel said...

A significant part of that may the firearms crowd switching over to vote for me. This may not do Doyle and Falk much good, but does auger well for defeating the silly marriage Amendment. I topped both Bucher and Van Hollen in a large swath of northern and western Wisconsin, and even topped their combined vote in Crawford and Iron Counties.

Ben Masel said...

Crawford County http://crawfordcountywi.org/clerk/election_results.htm

Looks like the hot race there was the Dem Primary for Sheriff. 385 more votes cast than the Senate Primary, which in turn topped the AG race by 56, and Doyle's total by 437. I'm a known quantity in Crawford county, as we held the 1998 Weedstock there, followed by a few years of litigation.