Billy Bragg - Waiting for the Great Leap Forward

Here is a great song as performed on the Henry Rollins Show.

Look here for Billy Bragg and the 'Bush War Blues'.

And watch the interview here.


In Iraq for 50 Years?

WASHINGTON, May 30 (Reuters) - President George W. Bush would like to see a lengthy U.S. troop presence in Iraq like the one in South Korea to provide stability but not in a frontline combat role, the White House said on Wednesday.

The United States has had thousands of U.S. troops in South Korea to guard against a North Korean invasion for 50 years.
"The Korean model is one in which the United States provides a security presence, but you've had the development of a successful democracy in South Korea over a period of years, and, therefore, the United States is there as a force of stability," Snow told reporters.

Pro-Life WI - More Men Awarded for Being Anti-Women's Health

In a press release released today, Pro-Life WI awarded leadership scholarships to two male high school students to "continue their already substantial pro-life efforts."

I look forward to their efforts, so we may have more women's health pictures from the right-wing such as these:

This week's POTW (photo of the week) is from Sunday, when Mark (Green) was the keynote speaker at the Sauk County Right to Life Rally in Baraboo.

It would be great if we could involve women in women's health issues. Although, if you look at the first picture, there are several people in it that are no longer in govt...
And a few more that will be gone soon.

Headline says it all:"State Dems' plan: Health coverage for all residents"

Yet another reason it matters that Democrats win:

Working from several competing proposals, majority Democrats in the state Senate are close to unveiling a plan that would guarantee health care coverage for all Wisconsin residents.
"The goal is really simple: get everyone covered with the same benefits we legislators have," said Sen. Jon Erpenbach, D-Middleton, who is leading the effort to develop a compromise plan. Erpenbach said he wants to have the plan ready for consideration "sometime within the next month."
Erpenbach, the chairman of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, said the Democratic plan will provide universal coverage through private insurers while holding costs down and maintaining quality.
"A lot of states are going to look at this and say, Wow,'" he said.


Memorial Day Image - Funeral of Peace Activist Doug Boone

Above was the scene of Oshkosh Peace Activist Doug Boone's funeral.

It was done with full military honors.