Quote of the Day - Intelligently Designed Foolishness Edition

On a retired UW-O Professor that wants evolution out of schools:

Lammers said Gade “has demonstrated that she doesn’t understand what science is and how it operates, and that is very, very embarrassing for someone that is a retired professor from this institution. It’s an embarrassment to all of us.”

Just a question...

Gard wants to cut everyone's taxes:

Those changes include making several temporary cuts permanent, including ending the so-called "marriage penalty,"

Just an idea, if Gard were to help pass gay marriage, could he cut even more taxes with his plan?


What we will get from Gard

First off:

In another sign of the high priority status of the 8th Congressional District race, President Bush's chief political strategist Karl Rove is the guest at a high-ticket Washington D.C. fundraiser today for Republican candidate John Gard.

Rove, who heads the White House office for political affairs, is appearing at a Gard fundraiser at the Washington offices of Valente Associates, a Republican-leaning lobbying firm. Cost to attend the reception and luncheon is $2,000.

Yep, Karl Rove wants John Gard. Support Steve Kagen here.


That's second big-dollar event of the day for Gard. A breakfast fundraiser in D.C. hosted by Rep. Tom Petri (R-Wis.) for Gard also carried a $2,000 price to attend.

That is why we always need to run someone against Petri, so he will not raise money for these jokes.

Overall, I agree with Joe:

State Democratic Party Chairman Joe Wineke sharply criticized Gard for the Rove fundraiser, saying Gard "has shown he'll do anything to raise special interest cash, even if it means cozying up to the most corrupt administration since Richard Nixon."

"John Gard has surrounded himself with the leading examples of why America needs change in Washington," Wineke said of Gard's ties to Bush Adminsitration figures.

Oh, and:

Asked about the Rove event and its implications for tying him to the currently unpopular Bush, Gard said: "I'm a Republican. I'm proud to be one." But Gard also said his campaign had "a broad diversity of support," specifically mentioning the backing of Democratic state Rep. Bob Ziegelbauer, of Manitowoc.

Thanks, Ziggy. You do not speak for us.

Westphal edges Kaufert in primary votes

They neglect to mention that 55% of Winnebago County Residents voted in the Republican Primary, yet Mark still won. Give him some support here:
Westphal edges Kaufert in primary votes

by Duke Behnke Post-Crescent staff writer

NEENAH — Democratic challenger Mark Westphal outpolled Republican incumbent Dean Kaufert by nearly 200 votes in the primary election for the 55th Assembly District, but neither candidate reads much into the results.

Westphal was unopposed on the Democratic ballot, and Kaufert was unopposed on the Republican ballot. They did not compete head-to-head.

Still, support for Westphal was strong in Menasha and relatively even with Kaufert in their hometown of Neenah.

“I am happy with the numbers,” Westphal said today, “but I am not going to sit on the laurels of any primary numbers. I have a lot of work to do in the next seven weeks.”

The two will meet in the Nov. 7 election.

Kaufert, co-chairman of the state’s budget-drafting Joint Finance Committee, discounted the primary numbers. He said the results were skewed by the high interest in the Democratic race for attorney general, in which Kathleen Falk defeated incumbent Peg Lautenschlager.

“Those numbers mean nothing,” Kaufert said. “There was a high voter turnout for the Democrats. The Democrats in our area came out for Peg Lautenschlager.”

Westphal, president of the Fox Valley Area Labor Council, said his support in the primary shows that his message is resonating with voters.

He has focused on lowering the cost of health care and health insurance in Wisconsin, which he said is among the highest in the nation.

“That issue is affecting our job situation more than any direct tax on business,” he said.

The 55th Assembly District has been stung by recent job losses at Kimberly-Clark Corp. and Glatfelter. It also could be affected by job losses announced last week by Banta Corp.

Kaufert said it is unfair to associate him with the job losses.

“I don’t know how much you can blame Dean Kaufert for that,” he said. “These are a lot of my friends. They are customers of mine. I am doing everything I can to retain jobs and to get new companies to put their roots here.”

Mark Green votes against US Constitution, Bill of Rights

Continuing his efforts to restore integrity to Wisconsin elections, U.S. Rep. Mark Green (R-Green Bay) voted Wednesday for legislation that would require a photo ID to vote in federal elections

That's from Mark Green's Press release today, the same time this came out of Georgia:

"Any attempt by the Legislature to require more than what is required by the express language of our Constitution cannot withstand judicial scrutiny,"
he wrote.

Voter ID Struck Down

Good to see the Constitution and Bill of Rights still count for something.

A judge Tuesday struck down as unconstitutional the latest version of a new Georgia law requiring voters to show photo ID.

State Superior Court Judge T. Jackson Bedford Jr. ruled that the photo ID requirement deprives otherwise qualified voters of the right to cast a ballot and adds a new, unconstitutional condition to voting.

"Any attempt by the Legislature to require more than what is required by the express language of our Constitution cannot withstand judicial scrutiny," he wrote.

The judge took issue with the burden placed on voters to prove their identity using photo ID. Even if voters are allowed to cast ballots without the required identification, they must return within 48 hours with photo IDs or their vote is forfeited.

Let's hope Mark Green, who doesn't want you to vote, learns from this, and will stop trying to take away your right to vote.

Big Meeting coming up for Winnebago County Board

Details here...