Voter ID Struck Down

Good to see the Constitution and Bill of Rights still count for something.

A judge Tuesday struck down as unconstitutional the latest version of a new Georgia law requiring voters to show photo ID.

State Superior Court Judge T. Jackson Bedford Jr. ruled that the photo ID requirement deprives otherwise qualified voters of the right to cast a ballot and adds a new, unconstitutional condition to voting.

"Any attempt by the Legislature to require more than what is required by the express language of our Constitution cannot withstand judicial scrutiny," he wrote.

The judge took issue with the burden placed on voters to prove their identity using photo ID. Even if voters are allowed to cast ballots without the required identification, they must return within 48 hours with photo IDs or their vote is forfeited.

Let's hope Mark Green, who doesn't want you to vote, learns from this, and will stop trying to take away your right to vote.

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