What we will get from Gard

First off:

In another sign of the high priority status of the 8th Congressional District race, President Bush's chief political strategist Karl Rove is the guest at a high-ticket Washington D.C. fundraiser today for Republican candidate John Gard.

Rove, who heads the White House office for political affairs, is appearing at a Gard fundraiser at the Washington offices of Valente Associates, a Republican-leaning lobbying firm. Cost to attend the reception and luncheon is $2,000.

Yep, Karl Rove wants John Gard. Support Steve Kagen here.


That's second big-dollar event of the day for Gard. A breakfast fundraiser in D.C. hosted by Rep. Tom Petri (R-Wis.) for Gard also carried a $2,000 price to attend.

That is why we always need to run someone against Petri, so he will not raise money for these jokes.

Overall, I agree with Joe:

State Democratic Party Chairman Joe Wineke sharply criticized Gard for the Rove fundraiser, saying Gard "has shown he'll do anything to raise special interest cash, even if it means cozying up to the most corrupt administration since Richard Nixon."

"John Gard has surrounded himself with the leading examples of why America needs change in Washington," Wineke said of Gard's ties to Bush Adminsitration figures.

Oh, and:

Asked about the Rove event and its implications for tying him to the currently unpopular Bush, Gard said: "I'm a Republican. I'm proud to be one." But Gard also said his campaign had "a broad diversity of support," specifically mentioning the backing of Democratic state Rep. Bob Ziegelbauer, of Manitowoc.

Thanks, Ziggy. You do not speak for us.

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