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The Lake Winnebago Wind Farm Project (LWWFP) is coming to fruition. The
seemingly endless hours, weeks, and months of planning are about to pay off.
A final go-ahead is expected any day from the DNR. It is a win-win
situation for all. You can expect your electric bill to drop substantially
once it's in operation. We have eliminated all objections to noise by
locating the facility right in the middle of the lake. The only apparent
downside might be that more than a few gulls might get their wings clipped.
Projects such as this are becoming common in the North Atlantic but
with one distinct difference. The ocean doesn't freeze and they use floating
platforms. Here we will use a permanent platform built on pilings similar to
a bridge or large pier. The area under these platforms will provide
additional spawning grounds for marine life and are destined to become
favorite hot spots for area fishermen. The base of each of these mammoth
towers may also provide new opportunities for small seasonal businesses such
as bait shops, taverns, and restaurants. Summer of course would be the
optimum season, but January and February would provide another eight weeks
or so of business to round out the year depending on the ice depth.
The wind farm has been a well kept secret until now, almost as well
kept as the sightings of a strange unidentified creature in the lake.
Sightings have increased to the point where they can no longer be ignored. I
personally hesitate referring to it as a monster, but small children should
be warned. There have been no injuries (or worse), no photographs exist, but
fishermen have been asked to give their descriptions to local artists.
Depictions may be viewed Saturday night at the downtown Gallery Walk.
Citizens wanting more detail, and politicians needing to 'catch up on
their homework' can find out more by contacting the North Eastern Wisconsin
United For Future Development Association (NEWUFFDA).
Thank you.
Gary Jepson


Straightening Some Things Out....

There has been alot of misconceptions about my opinions bouncing around the Oshkosh Political Blogosphere lately, and there probably will continue to be for the next week thru the elections. So, I thought I would take a minute here and set anyone with questions straight.

That way, if you are concerned enough about my opinion, you can find the unfiltered or twisted facts.

1. I do not enthusiasticly support Castle for Mayor

We have an electoral system where, for this kind of office, you make a choice between two candidates. Sometimes you have to choose between two people you are not thrilled with. Of the two, I believe that Castle is the best choice. It is not that I think Castle is Better, it is that I think Esslinger is worse.

I wish Mark Madison had made it through the primary.

2. I did not accuse Esslinger of being a racist.

I did say that he made remarks that can be seen as racist or sexist. There is a difference. I think his remarks, as well as his attitudes towords women, minorities, the under-employed and other groups he may consider below him are reprehensible. I am accusing him of not being comapssionate to others. I am accusing him of being regressive and negative. I am accusing him of being insensitive. I am accusing him of being condescending.

The face of Oshkosh should not be this way. Is Castle a great choice? Not really, but he is better for Oshkosh than Esslinger. So I will vote for him.

3. Do I support unions?

Yes, wholeheartedly. I believe that the labor movement was one of the most important developments in world history. We all owe our working conditions to the bravery of the unions members that fought for them. I personally buy union whenever possible, and will continue to.

However, because of the poor record both candidates for Mayor have, and because the labor council has refused to endorse, I feel that the union issue does not play in this election.

I have spoken with several union activists about this, and they agreed with me. They are not thrilled with the choices, as I am not, but they stated they are also reluctantly voting for Castle. If you are a union activist or member, and disagree, please let me know. I know people have said things anonymously on websites, but I cannot believe that they are truly union members.

If you have a different opinion and would like to discuss this in a civil manner, please call/email me.

4. Why have I become a lightning rod in this election when I am not running for anything?

I believe the reason for this is because I am one of the few people willing to put my name on an opinion out here. I promise to continue doing this. If you have a problem with, or would like to discuss, an opinion of mine - please feel free to email/call me.

5. I am currently not running for anything.

There is no reason to pay as much attention to me as some people are... Unless they feel I am making good points.


Secret Service Barring Law Abiding Americans From Taxpayer-Funded Events...

Monday, March 28, the Secret Service called three everyday people into their offices to discuss why we were kicked out of a presidential event in Denver last week where Bush promoted his plan to privatize Social Security. What they revealed to us and our lawyer was fascinating.


So much hypocracy....

I don't know what to think about the Schaivo case:

"But, given the vehemence with which he has been fighting to prolong Terri's life, it is a little surprising to learn that Robert (Terry Schaivo's father) decided to turn off the life-support system for his mother. She was 79 at the time, and had been ill with pneumonia for a week, when her kidneys gave out. "I can remember like yesterday the doctors said she had a good life. I asked, 'If you put her on a ventilator does she have a chance of surviving, of coming out of this thing?'" Robert says. "I was very angry with God because I didn't want to make those decisions."


Last paragraph

The Question About Underheim....

"Would it be a plus or minus to have a state superintendent who didn't like being a teacher and has a short record of hands-on involvement in education? How you answer will say a lot about how you're going to vote."


The entire article make the point that Gregg is no good for this position, in a pretty funny way. Read it and pass it on....

Some more:

""I'm desperate," he said when asked how fund raising was going."

Underheim - $32,000 v Burmaster - $200,000

"For several years after he graduated from college, Underheim was a high school English teacher in Caledonia, Minn., near his hometown of La Crosse. "I spent my life correcting five-paragraph essays, and I didn't want to do that," he says. So he quit."

"In running for state superintendent of public instruction, Underheim can be seen as combining something he likes (politics) and something he doesn't (he's very critical of much of the educational establishment and specifically of the state Department of Public Instruction, which he would head if he won). And his candidacy can be seen as showing how he doesn't get discouraged easily. After all, he ran for superintendent in 1997 and didn't make it past the primary."


Chickens Coming Home....

I have been attacked very often for the opinions that I publish various places.

I believe the reason why is simply because I am willing to put a name on the (positive and negative) things I say about issues and candidates.

However, again and again, the people making attacks stay nameless. I consider this cowardly.

It is great to see one of them unmasked, in full hypocracy....

"The Tip: It was news when Mark Harris, candidate for county executive, quit his job at Associated Bank. Before Web chat rooms nearly melted in spontaneous speculation, The Northwestern had been tipped to the story. Ron Montgomery, a low level functionary in the Van De Hey administration, approached three Northwestern staffers with the rumor. Montgomery didn’t want to be linked with the tip and admonished all three; “You didn’t hear it from me…”"

"The question from News Central: Why is Ron Montgomery engaged in a clandestine, Deep Throat type of rumor mill and why does he care what happens to Harris?"


Also in this very entertaining and informative article:

"Why would Bloechl be pleased by the approval of a proposal she publicly opposed?"

"The only person who ever declined our invitation to discuss issues and answer questions is council candidate Cheryl Hentz."

I urge you to read it all.

A Summary of the Mayor's Race...

In their own words (first of a series....):

Esslinger wants to force the city's workers to make up for budget shortfalls, and is proud that he is skirting the law:

"a 2.25%, 2.50%, and a 2.75% increase in the employees' salaries over three years respectively. This is the first time that the union employees received less that a 3% increase in their salary in a long time."

"The thing that will need to be taken into consideration in the next contract negotiations is that the comparables (contracts that have been signed in communities around us) are over 3.0%. This is important because we must be close to what we offer our employees or the unions can go to court and claim that the city is not bargaining in good faith."


Castle answering the same question:

"Employee costs including medical costs will continue to increase. We can not take the attitude that we are going to balance our budgets on our employees backs. Some businesses have tried that approach and found that it doesn’t work. We must work cooperatively with our employees to find ways of delivering greater value for each wage dollar spent."



Great Profile of Mark Harris:

Some good reading - and great quotes....

Stephen Hintz, a former University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh political science professor, served on the Oshkosh Common Council with Harris and is publicly supporting him.

Hintz described Harris as “a person of absolute integrity. Mark is just about as straightforward and honest a person as you’re going to get.

“Sharp guy, knows finance, knows budgeting,” Hintz said. “I felt when we went into budget (review) there wasn’t anything that would escape Mark’s eye.

”The executive’s post is nonpartisan but Harris describes himself as a moderate Democrat, very conservative fiscally but socially liberal.


He admires the older generation who “tended to be savers and investors” and used credit only sparingly. Not so with many people today who quickly become overextended, Harris said.

“Government has gone that way (credit mentality),” Harris said. “Sooner or later, that will bring society down. So we have to change and probably fairly soon.”


A county budget differs from a municipal budget primarily in the human services area. That’s where Harris supported the $600,000 additional funding in the 2005 budget because he has “more of an orientation to those people in need.

“It didn’t seem right that the one part of the budget that was taking a hit was an area that was providing service to abused and neglected children, elderly indigent and the developmentally disabled,” he said


Please Vote Mark Harris for County Executive.



The Absolute pinnacle of hypocrisy:

Ok, lets get this straight....

In 1988 Rep. DeLay's father was in a tragic tram accident. He was severely brain-damaged. After sometime, the family, with Rep. DeLay's consent, decided to stop treatment. They let him die.

Then, the family sued the manufacturer of the tram that was installed on their personal property.

Now, in the last month, Rep DeLay has pushed through legislation to take away the right of Michael Shiavo to choose the same options that he exercised for his father. This following his support of legislation to remove the rights of litigants in the courts for corporate negligence.

The hypocrisy of the republican leadership is amazing.

Here's the story: