Class War?

Who is fighting in Iraq?

Music - Black 47 & UFO

Black 47 - (here for MySpace) joins other Irish acts on UFO - check out the next album coming:

The band will be releasing its twelfth album (and first for UFO) titled Iraq on March 4, 2008. Inspired by friends and fans of the band that have served in Iraq and shared their thoughts and experiences, the album includes a batch of new songs along with several composed by Larry Kirwan over the course of the war. The album overall strives to capture the war through the eyes of the U.S. soldiers serving in it.

NEW YORK CITY, NY – Steadfast in its opposition to the war since before the invasion, Black 47 presents a dry-eyed view of life in combat on IRAQ its debut for new model indie, United For Opportunity (release date: March 4, 2008). The band hits the campaign trail in February performing across the U.S. and culminating with a St. Patrick's Day release party on their home turf, New York City, at BB Kings.

Recorded at Coney Island's Cyclone Sound in July 2007, IRAQ includes a batch of new songs along with several composed by Larry Kirwan over the course of the war. Inspiration for the characters and stories are very personal, many coming from the point-of-view of fans that served in Iraq and shared their experiences with the band.

Black 47 rarely plays to the converted and their shows have often seethed over the last five years. “Because of our background, we've always had as strong a fan base of right wing cops, firemen and conservatives, as of left wing students, radicals, and the working disaffected; neither side has been afraid to vent its views,” Kirwan dryly notes. “We also take pride in keeping in touch with our fans, many of whom traditionally join the Service as a way to fund their college education or mortgage. Add to that the many who enlisted in response to 9/11, and it's easy to see why we have had no shortage of information from those actually doing the fighting in Iraq.”


Great Romney Double-Talk

Romney, in a FL add:
"My plan will make our economy strong," he continues. "We need to invest in people and businesses with tax cuts that will get us moving again. Washington is broken, but we can fix it with real conservative change."
(emphasis mine)

According to Miriam-Webster:
conservative: "tending or disposed to maintain existing views, conditions, or institutions "

conservatism: "disposition in politics to preserve what is established" or "the tendency to prefer an existing or traditional situation to change"