Another example of the 'Wal-Martization' of America.


Suburban sprawl is a huge drag on the economy. As people move from city to suburbs, property tax revenues move with them, starving the city schools of needed funding.

We need to ensure that the suburbs, people utilizing the benefits of city life, pay their fair due into the city they surround.

Just a quick opinion on my way out....

See you if you are going to the Sheboygan Democratic Picnic!

This is 100% un-American:


I went to the Cheney event in Wrightstown, not because I am a supporter, but because I am curious and enjoy politics. I did not applaud, but I did not boo or heckle, I just listened.

Granted, I got a few weird looks from people when I didn't applaud at the applause lines. When asked I responded "I am a democrat."

Now, that got some weird looks....

"Why would you come to this, then?"

"Because I want to hear what he has to say. I think it is important."

They looked like I had just punched them in the gut. I am sure they were thinking "Why would someone want to listen to something they disagree with?"

THIS SHOULD NOT BE WEIRD! We should take the time to listen to each other. We should discuss, not scream. We should find a way to make this society work for the people.

Granted, after I got out, I crossed the streets to the protest and picked up a sign.



I attended a great speech watching party last night in Sheboygan - and was quoted in the Sheboygan-Press:


I was referring to the fact that so much of the convention was not being shown on BROADCAST television. The networks operate using the PUBLIC airwaves, and are supposed to use them in our best interest.

What is in the best interest of the people, the once every four year nominating convention for president, or 'Last Comic Standing'?

As usual, Paul Krugman sums up what I really meant better than I ever could have here:


Thanks to Mike for putting together a great shindig last night - I will be all over the district in the next week, so stop by and see me!



WOW!  Clinton sure can give a speech!
Whoever would have thought....

....I agree with David Brooks!

"We're not in the middle of a war on terror, they note. We're not facing an axis of evil. Instead, we are in the midst of an ideological conflict."


We are not at war with people, we are at 'war' with ideas.  You cannot stop ideas with military, you need to fight them with ideas & and action backing your ideals.

This was the major failure of the Iraq war.  With pre-emption and the mistreatment of Iraqis, we showed that our ideals and actions are not the same, therefore our ideas are bankrupt.

We need to change our actions to match the ideals of America.  The promise of freedom and liberty, backed by equal action, can defeat Islamic radicalism better than guns and bombs.

Here is a great Op-Ed on Walmart:


We need Wal-Mart unionized immediately.  I urge everyone to refuse to shop there until it is.  This is the poster-child for why unions are still needed today:

"Wal-Mart fails at least five out of 10 criteria set by the Worker Rights Consortium"

I do not shop there, and will not until they improve, I urge you not to as well.  Also, please find a way to join in on:

"Andy Stern, president of the Service Employees International Union, will soon begin a national effort to "bring Wal-Mart up to standards we can live with." He envisions a nationwide movement bringing together the unions, churches, community organizations and environmentalists who are already standing up to the company's recklessly metastatic growth."



I've been featured in a letter to the editor!

This was yesterday's Northwestern:

Democrat candidate offers change for Petri

In a time when our economy is supposedly growing yet real people are seeing their jobs disappear, it’s obvious why a change is needed this November. U.S. Rep. Tom Petri has consistently voted to hurt the working poor. He voted for cuts to housing assistance programs and against Access to Jobs grants. He hurt many citizens when he chose to vote for the Medicare Bill, which is going to prop up drug companies and hurt the elderly who so desperately need the assistance.

The Northwestern made a great point when speaking about the 54th State Assembly District race in that it is good to know there is a choice for voters. Petri also faces competition.

Jef Hall is the Democratic challenger for Petri’s seat. Hall stole the show with his speech on June 11 at the Wisconsin Democratic Convention, and he is the right man for the job. Hall is like many of us out here. He is still paying off a car loan. He works hard and makes an honest wage. He’s seen the effects on the community by Petri’s pro-corporate votes.

At a time when nobody is representing the working man in our district, we need Hall to be our representative in Washington. Hopefully the Northwestern will devote a fair amount of press coverage to help Hall get his campaign going and to force Petri to debate what’s best for our district. Without the media asking for a fair look at both sides, nobody will know exactly what choice they have this November.

Letters name,town:Robert Poole, Jr Oshkosh

Great letter!