Help Get Out the Vote in Winnebago County

Hello Members, Friends and Volunteers for the Winnebago County Democratic Party!

It is time to Get Out the Vote (GOTV)!

After the long primary, the general campaign, it comes down to these last 3 days.

Your Winnebago County Democratic Party will be working for the election every day, through Tuesday evening.

To volunteer, please contact:

Winnebago County Office – (920) 426-2262

Scott Jacobs

(920) 426-8060 - sjacobs@obamacampaign4change.org

Info on our Victory Party:

Winnebago County Victory Party!

Come out to celebrate our hard earned victories!

8:01 PM – Tues, November 4th

Beckets Center Court – 1 City Center (Old Park Plaza Mall Center Court, Oshkosh

Refreshments, DJ, Returns on the Big Screen and Fellow Democrats!

Please help out whenever you can! Every vote will count for all of our local candidates as well as Obama/Biden!


Why I love YouTube...

I woke up this morning with an obscure 90's song in my head.

I went to YouTube.

There is was...

Everyone, Mr Bungle:

I have this on cassette tape...


Volunteer for Election Day...

Don't let this happen:

Call 920.426.2262 (920.42-OBAMA) to volunteer at the Winnebago County Democratic Party Headquarters.