Randy Hopper Admits to Potential Illegal Activity in the Capitol

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Randy Hopper Admits to Potential Illegal Activity in the Capitol

State Senate Candidate kicks off campaign with closed-door meeting in taxpayer-funded office

Fond du Lac – Fond du Lac County Democratic Party Chair Rich Mantz today called on the Government Accountability Board to investigate accounts that State Senate Candidate Randy Hopper took part in an illegal campaign meeting in the State Capitol.

Hopper recently admitted in an interview with Wisconsin Eye that while meeting with Rep. John Townsend in Madison, the two "went back to his [capitol] office and shut the door so we could talk about what I needed to do in the campaign."

"After the caucus scandals of recent years, it is well known that it is unethical to campaign on the State's dime and with the State's resources." Mantz pointed out. "Candidate Hopper's actions show that he either doesn't understand the law, or that he doesn't care. Either way, the voters of the 18th District deserve better from their candidates."

In the interview, Candidate Hopper continued describing Rep. Townsend's use of "a great satellite map of the 151 bypass" that was in Townsend's taxpayer funded office to discuss political boundaries.

"We need to know immediately what other taxpayer supported public resources were used to convince Candidate Hopper to run for the State Senate." Mantz urged. "We do not need more of the dirty, back-room politics that clouded Madison in the Jensen years. Candidate Hopper seems to be enthusiastically jumping into the old-boys GOP club."

As Candidate Hopper continued in the interview:

Interviewer: "Are there any areas in which you break with the core Republican values?"

Hopper: "No. And I think that's important."

"Whether it is using big, special interest money to finance his campaign, taxpayer resources to plan it or tired Republican talking points rejected by voters across the district, Candidate Hopper has shown himself to be out of touch with the needs of the 18th district, and quite possibly on the wrong side of campaign & ethics laws." Mantz concluded.

"Hopper needs to understand that this type of back room politics might be acceptable in his home state of Illinois, but voters here in Wisconsin won't stand for it."

The entire interview can be seen on Wisconsin Eye’s website mms://

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