What do you know, you can ride an Oshkosh Truck to BFE?

Egyptian government, Oshkosh Truck ink deal
OSHKOSH — Oshkosh Truck Corp. Wednesday announced the company won a contract from the Egyptian Ministry of Defense to supply 30 medium tactical trucks.

The trucks will be specially designed to meet the ministry's logistics and transport requirements.

Oshkosh Truck, which is the parent company of Pierce Manufacturing with operations in Grand Chute and the Town of Menasha, said the contract, valued at $4.9 million, is the first major international order for the model line.

C'mon Ziggy, Can't You at Least Give Us Global Warming?

In a past post, I highlighted all the ways that Manitowoc's Bob Ziegelbauer parts from the Democrats that he caucuses with and claims to be a part of.

I can understand that, many of them are issues that really boil down to ones on political views. He happens to be swimming against the political Democratic mainstream, but I guess he could make his own argument.

But, now he is against established science:

"I am not one of those who is rushing to join the bandwagon of accepting as indisputable fact that we have man-made global warming that puts the planet in jeopardy," Ziegelbauer said. "I think that's grossly overstated and most importantly, far from scientifically decided.

"These proposals in the name of a global warming crisis are troubling especially because they use the hysteria to justify a massive government intervention into the day-to-day lives of our community and I find that especially threatening to our future prosperity as well."

The bill in Wisconsin comes after Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle called for creation of a global warming task force. Doyle also has proposed spending $30 million on additional renewable energy sources including solar, wind, hydrogen, biodiesel and ethanol.

Come on Ziggy, are you going to come out against evolution next?


The King Is Gone...

I remember seeing the King and His Court when they came to Princeton as a kid. I was supremely entertained.

Eddie Feigner, arguably the greatest softball player of all time, the amazing pitcher who led his four man team around the world playing conventional nine man teams for 61 years, died February 9th at the age of 81 in Huntsville, AL.

An American Torture...

A contracted interrogator tells his story:

American authorities continue to insist that the abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib was an isolated incident in an otherwise well-run detention system. That insistence, however, stands in sharp contrast to my own experiences as an interrogator in Iraq. I watched as detainees were forced to stand naked all night, shivering in their cold cells and pleading with their captors for help. Others were subjected to long periods of isolation in pitch-black rooms. Food and sleep deprivation were common, along with a variety of physical abuse, including punching and kicking. Aggressive, and in many ways abusive, techniques were used daily in Iraq, all in the name of acquiring the intelligence necessary to bring an end to the insurgency. The violence raging there today is evidence that those tactics never worked. My memories are evidence that those tactics were terribly
Some may suggest there is no reason to revive the story of abuse in Iraq. Rehashing such mistakes will only harm our country, they will say. But history suggests we should examine such missteps carefully. Oppressive prison environments have created some of the most determined opponents. The British learned that lesson from Napoleon, the French from Ho Chi Minh, Europe from Hitler. The world is learning that lesson again from Ayman al-Zawahiri. What will be the legacy of abusive prisons in Iraq?


Doyle Takes Amendment Head On

The pro-amendment people said that the point of it was nott o deny people benefits. Lets see them prove it.

Doyle Will Ask For Domestic Partner Benefits

POSTED: 2:59 pm CST February 11, 2007
UPDATED: 3:14 pm CST February 11, 2007

MADISON, Wis. -- Gov. Jim Doyle wants the state to pay for health-care benefits for domestic partners of all state employees.

Doyle said he'd put the request in his state budget proposal.

Doyle asked for a similar benefit package for just UW employees in his last budget, but Republicans took it out in the legislature.

Doyle said the benefits are needed to attract the best and brightest people to state jobs.

A spokesman for the Republican Assembly speaker said the governor's headed in "completely the wrong direction."