Hey Ziggy - Why didn't this come out before the primary?

Rep Bob Ziegelbauer (D, kinda - Manitowoc), who just won a primary yesterday against Ann-Marie Woznicki (D, actually) is out today with a TV spot supporting John Gard...

My question, if it just came out today, when was it shot?

And, Ziggy, why didn't you mention that you were doing a spot for Gard before the primary? It had to have been 'in the can' by then...

Let's look at Ziggy's record:

Voted for the anti-civil union amendment

Against raising the minimum wage

Supports TABOR

Supports Republican Tax Freeze (without balance for local funds)


Pro Voter ID requirement to vote

Pro-Health Savings Accounts over real Health Care Reform

Against Real Stem Cell Research

I could go on...

I question the timing of Ziegelbauer's endorsement. I understand politics, but if he was going to endorse Gard all along, I think that would be something Democratic Party primary voters would have wanted to know before they filled in a ballot.

Hopefully it will be something they remember next time.

Full disclosure - Ziegelbauer is my roommates cousin, as I understand.


Anonymous said...

Great job Jeff on putting his voting record together in your post.

Anonymous said...

He's lost my vote... I voted against him in the primary becuase I knew his record, but would vote for anyone with a D next to their name in a general.

Who's next, Bob? Mark Green? Don Rumsfeld? George W. Bush?

What have Manitowoc voters gotten for blindly supporting this clown? NOTHING... except WI license plates with golf on them. Hurrah.

There is no such thing as an "invincible incumbent." He'll pay for this, somehow.

I'll be first to sign a recall petition after the election

Anonymous said...

I am a Democrat, through and through. I say that, because what I am about to suggest might bring some scorn, but it cannot be any other way. Good Democrats... real Democrats... Woznicki Democrats... need to vote for Paul Tittle in the general election. I am well aware that he is even more right wing than Ziggy, but if we dont get a Republican incumbent in that seat, we are dooming ourselves to the same choice every 2 years until Ziegelbauer retires: A discriminatory, disenfranchising conservative who would vote against tax breaks to those who donate non-vital organs, or a Republican. I have voted Ziggy by default for the last time. Lets put a gun-toting, pro-life-unless-you-have-a-degenerative-illness REPUBLICAN on the ticket in 2008 so that we can run an honest to goodness progressive across from him.

ps: if you were wondering what I was referring to above, read this (12th paragraph) http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?sec=health&res=9C0CE3D91139F930A15752C0A9629C8B63