Ziggy's Sins

One thing I wanted to make clear after this whole thing.

Ziggy is not a bad man because he differs on issues from the party mainstream.

While I have been critical of him for his votes and statements. We do allow a larger amount of decent in our party than the Republicans do. I am (frustratingly) proud of that.

And, while Ziegelbauer may differ - by caucusing with the Dems, he will help us get the majority, and if we have the majority, our bills will be advanced whether he agrees with them or not.

Remember, majority controls the agenda.

Ziegelbauer's sins are teamwork and timing.

Teamwork - You may not support everyone on your team, but don't cross lines. Ziegelbauer does not need to rave about Kagen, but he should not endorse the opponent.

Ziggy, stay quiet and stay out. You have 2 full-time jobs, I'm sure you can find a different way to spend your time.

Timing - It was a slap in the face to have that commercial come out the day after the primary.

If the add would have been recorded after the primary were over and come out later, it would have been a kick in the pants, but not a slap in the face.

The timing of the add, recording before the Democratic Primary and released after the polls closed the day of the primary showed an extreme disdain for those in the party that voted for Ziegelbauer on the 12th. It was disrespectful to those Dems in his district that have supported him through the years.

Ziegelbauer is allowed to have his own mind for issues, but if he chooses to run under the Democratic banner, he should show some respect to those that have worked hard to make that a banner worth using.

His lack of respect for the party is his sin.

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