Kudos to Today's OshNW Editorial: "What corporate income tax burden?"

Here is the complete editorial.

Wisconsin Manfacturers and Commerce (which paid for plenty of those anti-property-tax political commercials bombarding your TVs before the Nov. 7 election) has been a leading voice in the "tax hell" chant. The organization has also called for the elimination of corporate income tax burden in Wisconsin to recharge the business climate.

What corporate income tax burden?

It's no surprise the WMC's leader was quick to downplay the Institute for Wisconsin's Future income-tax analysis as slanted, emanating from a "left-leaning"
organization created by public unions and Democrat backers.

Frankly, average property taxpayers have far better standing to question the WMC's slants right now.

Yes: Wisconsin's property tax is unfair. Yes: Too much of our tax burden is borne by average Wisconsin homeowners.

But if the WMC was honest about or aware of Wisconsin's true tax problems, it would acknowledge many of Wisconsin's most esteemed manufacturing and commerce leaders don't seem to be paying a proportionate share.

If only average property taxpayers could afford to buy a TV ad explaining that one to the WMC.

I love that last line...


Moyers Speach to West Point

Read it all here:

It is impossible for soldiers to sustain in the field what cannot be justified in the Constitution; asking them to do so puts America at war with itself. So when the Vice President of the United States says it doesn’t matter what the people think, he and the President intend to prosecute the war anyway, he is committing heresy against the fundamental tenets of the American political order.


Is Kaufert Looking for a Job with Doyle?

Spice Boys have the scoop here:

"John Kerry won my district," Kaufert said of the 2004 Democratic presidential candidate. "But you've got to look beyond that. I've got to look out for my future too. . . . You've got to look out for the team, the Republican team. But after the events recently, I've got to look out for myself, too."

Translation: Kaufert's references are available on request.

Actually, Doyle probably knew that already, since his guys broached the subject with Kaufert a couple of days after he was re-elected on a 52%-48% margin.

Kaufert said a pal who is close to the guv called him to congratulate him on his victory and to ask whether he would be open to joining the administration. Kaufert's response: He'd listen to any offer but would be particularly interested in a cabinet post heading revenue, tourism or commerce. Deputy secretary would be OK, too.