Is Kaufert Looking for a Job with Doyle?

Spice Boys have the scoop here:

"John Kerry won my district," Kaufert said of the 2004 Democratic presidential candidate. "But you've got to look beyond that. I've got to look out for my future too. . . . You've got to look out for the team, the Republican team. But after the events recently, I've got to look out for myself, too."

Translation: Kaufert's references are available on request.

Actually, Doyle probably knew that already, since his guys broached the subject with Kaufert a couple of days after he was re-elected on a 52%-48% margin.

Kaufert said a pal who is close to the guv called him to congratulate him on his victory and to ask whether he would be open to joining the administration. Kaufert's response: He'd listen to any offer but would be particularly interested in a cabinet post heading revenue, tourism or commerce. Deputy secretary would be OK, too.

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