Nothing political right now, just want to suggest that everyone reading this go give blood.

We had a blood drive at work today, I always feel great after doing it. After 9-11 everyone went out and gave blood. It was great, the blood banks were overflowing. But guess what? A few years later, they are scraping by again.

Please tell me that Americans don't need another event like that again to get involved with the well-being of their neghbors.

Go out ASAP and give some blood, if you can. If you have recently - GREAT JOB - keep it up.



I sent out my first campaign email today. If you didn't recieve it,and would like to, please send me an email or fill out the Contact form on my website.

Here it was:


My name is Jef Hall, we have met previously at one or several past events; I am running to be the next Member of Congress for Wisconsin’s 6th District.

I am sending this email to ask you to support my effort. I am starting a grassroots campaign to unseat a 25-year incumbent that is extremely out of touch with our district and our state.

Whether workers rights, women’s issues, healthcare or education, he has come down on the wrong side.

I am running to return Government to the people of America. Our current leadership has forgotten the true engine of our democracy, the working and middle class. We need to turn back the tax cuts for the wealthy that have translated to tax & fee increases on us. We need to end the exploitation of workers at a minimum wage of $5.15 per hour. We need to insist on a National Healthcare System that will cover all Americans and be free to utilize its power in the market to provide real savings. We need to ensure laws limiting our American Liberties are not passed.

We need to stand up and demand never to be ‘trickled’ on again.

I want to serve in a government that works to solve society’s real problems, not one that runs on the maxim, “What can you do for me?” When were you last inspired by politics?

What happened to yearning for a government of the people by the people for the people? Who last asked what they could do for their country?

I am asking you to help me. Please go to my website at www.jef4wi.com and spend some time, fill out the contact form with suggestions or questions you have. Let me know of any events or groups I could speak with. Print out some signature forms, and gather from your family and friends. Pass on my information to anyone that may be interested. And, if you can, please contribute.

It is the actions of the politically interested that will turn the course of our nation. And it is only through the grassroots that we can remove the obstructions placed on the middle and working class by this congress and administration, and get America working, learning and living again.

Thank you for your time; please contact me at any time, and pass this email on to anyone that you feel would be interested.


Jef Hall
Democrat for Congress
Wisconsin's 6th CD
Jef for Wisconsin
224A Scott Ave
Oshkosh, WI 54901