Out of the box thinking....

from a contributor to Altercation (altercation.msnbc.com - great blog!):

3. The Afghan poppy crop is leading to a global heroin problem. What would it cost to buy the ENTIRE Afghan poppy crop before it is sold to heroin smugglers? If one is to believe a 2004 US gov't report, only $50 million.
"The $10 billion U.S. annual retail heroin market thus generates about $1 billion in imports, of which roughly $50 million goes to poppy growers."
Why not send U.S. agents into the ripening fields to out-bid the terrorists? Moralistic congressmen who feel it's better to spend $473 million on "eradication" rather than simply buying the crop and destroying it for a fraction of the cost.

Cut off terrorist funding (much of the drug funds go to these goups) and give the local farmers an incentive to grow a more constructive product, all while saving the taxpayers money.



Wow - I missed this in the news....

A.G. Lautenschlager: Six Month Crack Investigation Nets Four Outagamie County Arrests


"It is alleged this crack cocaine distribution organization was responsible for selling roughly $10,000 of crack cocaine per week in the greater Appleton area," said Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager. "These arrests represent a significant step in the reduction of crack dealing in the Appleton area."

Way to go, Peg!