Wisconsin Republicans Don't See the Need to Vote

State GOP says Gard is party's pick
by Jeanne Anthony, WHBY

The state GOP says John Gard is the anointed Republican candidate, for northeast Wisconsin's congressional seat.

Gard's Republican primary opponent, state Rep. Terri McCormick of Appleton, said top level Republicans are trying to engineer the outcome in the Eighth Congressional District, hand-picking Assembly Speaker Gard. State Republican Party executive director, Rick Wiley, said that's true. Wiley said national Republican party officials have concluded that Gard represents their best chance to retain the seat now held by Congressman Mark Green, who's running for governor.

Vice President Dick Cheney will be in Wisconsin next month, to speak on behalf of Gard's candidacy.

I guess that partially explains the Voter ID stuff - they don't see the point of voting, even for people in their own party.

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WatchdogMilwaukee.com said...

Hey, Cheney could hold a hunting party fundraiser for Gard !