November Is the Time to Move Past the Paulus Era

Winnebago County Democratic Party:
November Is the Time to Move Past the Paulus Era

Oshkosh - In response to the announcement of final charges against former Winnebago County Republican District Attorney Joseph Paulus, Winnebago County Democratic Party Chair Jef Hall remarked: “November will be the perfect time to move past the Paulus era by electing a Democrat with no links to his corrupt office.”

“As the Department of Justice’s statement indicated, it was the former Winnebago County Republican Party Chair who provided nearly $50,000 in bribes to his Party’s District Attorney.” Hall continued.

Hall pointed out areas of the report indicating of the former Republican Chair’s conviction and probation for filing false tax information in the scandal.

“The Northwestern coverage also mentions the former Republican Party Chair admitted bribing his District Attorney many more times than the 20 cases the FBI investigated. This illegal activity included extortion and laundered campaign contributions by the two top Winnebago County Republicans at the time.” Hall continued.

“There is only one way I see to get past this shameful chapter in our county’s history. In November, the voters of Winnebago County need to resoundingly elect a Democrat with no connection with either Paulus’ corrupt office or party. We need a District Attorney with a broad resume outside of Paulus’ corrupt office, and outside of the Republican party.”

Hall concluded, “Joe Manske is that candidate. His experience in the Outagamie County prosecutor’s office as well as his years in private practice has prepared him for the job of District Attorney. His moral fiber and independence from the Winnebago County Republican DA scandals of the past make him the candidate we need in November.”

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