Buy It Local

The OshNW is right on here:

That's just one reason Oshkosh residents who bemoan a lack of retail options in their home city should keep their cash local this holiday season. Consider it consumer activism: Know thy numbers.

This idea is nothing new. Northwestern columnist Streetwise offered similar observations on Sunday.

But, since the greatest shopping day of the year time is nigh, it bears repeating on this page.

Consider yourself dared to do most or all of your holiday shopping in the Oshkosh area this holiday season.

Let's face it: Appleton, the Fox Cities, Oshkosh and Fond du Lac are on a development course to, some day, become Foxkoshdulac -- if not in name, then in concept.

However, until that era when their development fringes converge or collide, each
community is vying for industrial and commercial identity. That's healthy. And when the cities do meld, they'll each have something unique to offer.

Note: Just don't do the local shopping at Wal-Mart.

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