Gerald Ford, James Brown and the History of Funk...

A witty aside from a review of a recent Fishbone show...

"James Brown got to go to heaven for Christmas," declared Fishbone singer/saxophonist Angelo Moore after the very first song at Harpers Ferry on Wednesday. The veteran funk/ska/punk band owes an obvious debt to the late Godfather of Soul and paid homage by quoting his songs and mimicking his showmanship throughout the night. No mention was made of Gerald Ford, whose impact on the development of funk was less profound.

Good to hear Fishbone is back out on the trail. I was supposed to see them in 2002 (Aug 9th - the day after my birthday) in Milwaukee. I didn't make the show, wouldn't you know I received $500 in needed car replacements for my birthday that year when the radiator of my Jeep died.

Anyway, here's one of my favorite Fishbone songs - I'm sure James Brown would approve. (I won't presume to speak for Pres. Ford.)

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