John Nichols Sells Out Progressive Ideals, Calls for Petri to Join Dems

This kind of chaffes my hide.

I enjoy Nichols' writing for the most part, but I have seen him speak several times where he says that the Democratic Party is not pure enough, that we are the lesser evil and need to become more Progressive...

Yet, his new solution is to have Petri, who stands firmly against collective bargaining and overtime, for the PATRIOT Act, voted for all of Bush's tax cuts, called Medicare Part D the 'greatest domestic legislative accomplishment of 2003' and stands firmly with Bush on the war; join the Democratic Party.

Petri can go ahead and join the Greens with Mr. Nichols.


tony palmeri said...

Well, thank goodness no other Democrats have been against collective bargaining and overtime, voted for the PATRIOT Act, voted for all of Bush's tax cuts, supported Medicare part D, and stood with Bush on the war. I didn't like Nichols' column either, mostly because I think he tends to say good things about Petri every now and then just to avoid the criticism that he never says anything good about Republicans. And while I don't think Petri would fit comfortably in the Democratic Party, I also think his positions overall are probably to the left of the so-called "blue dog" Democrats and only slightly to the right of the Clinton/Doyle "New Democrats."

Dave Diamond said...

Could it be that perhaps Mr. Hall was being a mite sarcastic, pointing out the hypocrisy of Nichols embracing Petri for holding exactly the sorts of positions he attacks moderate and conservative Democrats over?