Quote of the Day - Smoking Ban Edition

What a great point, do you think she was a debate champion?

Mary Lou Duerr, president of the Wood County Tavern League, does not want to see any smoking ban include taverns.

"There's something about drinking and smoking that goes together," she said.


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It amazes me that you would support the erosion of taxpayers rights. If the ban on smoking is apealing to you, maybe I could interest you in supporting an obesity ordinance. It would go something like this: We hereby enforce the law of the land to PROHIBIT all obese persons to refrain from partaking in the consuming of food any food items in public, as they are a health risk, and cost others of us more in healthcare costs, and we hereby find them disgusting! We are doing this to protect all citizens from exposure to the sight and influence of those who care so little about themselves that they would allow this serious health condition to go for so many years and to EXPAND to such an unhealthy extent. We demand that each and everyone of you legal but disgusting overweight people to stay home and not show your chubby faces.

What do you think, it may need a little work as far as the verbage, but the message is intact. Are your ready to put your weight behund this?

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS, it's about frigging time that someone said it