This War Has Been Brought to You By...

I saw this press release linked to by the Wheeler Report:

Sergeant First Class (SFC) Todd M. Tilkens, of Bravo Company 2/127th in Green
Bay, Wisconsin, has been chosen as an honoree in the Jackson Hewitt
National Guard "Heroes of the Year" campaign. Sponsored by Jackson Hewitt Tax Service(R), an industry leader providing full service individual federal and
state income tax preparation, this year-long campaign recognized National Guard
soldiers, families and even employers around the country who have made a
difference in their states or on foreign shores.

On first thought, it seems nice. A company wants to honor a National Guard Member. But, let's keep reading...

Ten monthly honorees have been chosen, and Jackson Hewitt will soon announce
the grand prize winner, who will have the opportunity of a lifetime - to have
their image featured on a NASCAR race car that will be raced at a 2007 NASCAR
NEXTEL Cup Series Race in February. This is the first time that a non-
celebrity's image will be featured on a NASCAR racecar.

This is not the action of a company that wants to honor National Guard Troops. This is a tax preparation company that is using the image of our Armed Forces to get their name out in NASCAR in February.

This is war profiteering, pure and simple. As Americans, we should be insulted.

The release continues:

To view the soldiers, families and employers who have been nominated for
their dedication to and support of the National Guard's mission, visit

So, let's visit their website. The first thing you see is the logo of the company. The second is a picture of the car that will race in NASCAR, also with a large logo for the company.

I will gladly be the first in line to honor SFC Tilkens. I can not and will not (and will urge anyone I can not to) support a company that uses the sacrifice and honor of our armed forces to sell their tax service.

We in America have a way of honoring members of our military. The commendation system is as old as our country. Here is the Army's Medal of Honor page. Here is the official site from Congress. And look, they accept donations. They are even tax deductible.

There is even a veteran's clinic in Green Bay. I am sure they would love your money.

Jackson Hewitt, put your money there and keep your logo off our troops.

And, until they apologize and turn their NASCAR money to a better cause, get your taxes done elsewhere.

This place is even in my County Board District.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know that I firmly agree with you. I don't like supporting the company either. The owners are rich businessmen taking advantage of any one or any organization that stands in their way. Their is several class action lawsuits against this major company. It is all over blogger.com. Keep spreading the word. Tell people to find a good CPA to do their taxes. Thanks