6th District Dems Go to Princeton!

Here's the press release:

Princeton to Host 2007 6th Congressional District Democratic Convention

OSHKOSH – The 6th Congressional District Democrats will hold their annual convention Saturday, April 21 at VFW Hall in Princeton, WI. Delegates will meet to elect officers, plan for the 2008 election cycle and pass platform and resolutions to be sent to the Wisconsin Democratic Party State Convention in Milwaukee, June 29 and 30. Invited speakers include Governor Jim Doyle, Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton, Congressman Steve Kagen, and Democratic Party Chair Joe Wineke.

“We are thrilled to bring the 6th CD Democrats to Princeton this year,” said 6th CD Democratic Party Chair Gordon Hintz. “We believe it is important to present an alternative to our current Congressional representation that has brought us massive budget deficits and a war with no direction and even less accountability. People throughout the country trusted and supported Democratic Congressional Candidates in 2006, and we believe 2008 will be no different.”

Governor Doyle received more than 46 percent of the vote in the traditionally Republican 6th Congressional District in 2006, with the Green Party candidate capturing another 1.8%.

“We look forward to building the Democratic Party in the 6th District by challenging seats at all levels including the Assembly and Senate. We believe that people throughout Wisconsin support our issues -- from affordable health care to a responsible and accountable foreign policy and I look forward to the turnout this Saturday in Princeton.”

As an fyi... Doyle won the City of Princeton with 50.89%, Green got 46.53%


S.B. said...

How's about picking a candidate for 08? Are you going to give it another shot?

Anonymous said...

You should bring your integrity and wisdom to another level, NOT.

Anonymous said...

I think Jeff does a great job on the county board. If he runs for higher office he will have my support 1000%

Anonymous said...

Cool, that's one.....