Tax-Raising, Wisconsin Bashing, WMC tool named to the Wis GOP Exec Committee

According to this press release, Todd Lohenry has been appointed to help lead the Wis GOP.

I thought the name seemed familiar, so I checked the achives:

Lohenry of LoPresti Aviation blames Wisconsin's tax environment for jobs being lost (jobs that never existed - Xoff has the fishy story here):

Manitowoc County lost 300 high-paying manufacturing jobs when LoPresti Aviation, an airplane manufacturer, announced Wisconsin is out of the running for a new plant. The reason: high taxes and less-than-friendly business environment.

“There is a snowball’s chance in a Wisconsin summer of
it landing here,” LoPresti business development manager Todd Lohenry said.
Well, we can thank Lohenry for the rise in taxes - look here:

A grassroots campaign by the Yes Committee over the past three onths played a role in the YES vote for the Algoma referendum at the ballot boxes, according to Chair of the group Todd Lohenry. The referendum asked voters for permission to exceed the state-spending limit by $355,000 for the next five years. That will mean a bump in taxes for everyone living in the school district.

I'm ok with school referendums and educating our kids, but come on Todd,
you can't have it both ways...

So, someone who helps move potential WI jobs elsewhere by complaining about taxes, while he himself is raising taxes is leading the Republicans.

It seems 2008 gets easier all the time.

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