Fox Valley Metro Police Captain Compares Gays and Pedophiles

Chief David Peterson's quote from the Appleton Post-Crescent:

“You put a pedophile across the street from a day care center. He just sits there and looks out his living room window all day while they are playing outside in that little fence. You’re telling me he’s not going to have the urge? You can’t change a pedophile,” he said. “I compare it to someone (who) might be gay — and I have friends who are gay so I’m not anti. But a gay person is gay. You’re not going to change them. ... Same with a pedophile.”

Well, at least he admits that sexual orientation is genetic... But it is incredibly offensive to include references to our gay friends and neighbors along with references to pedophiles.

I would hope he would clarify his statements and offer an apology. If you would like to help encourage him to, he can be contacted here. Click on his picture to get a pop-up to send an email.

It is funny that he finds himself so interested in this subject. At the Fox Valley Metro Police Department Website, this dandy is under their Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it true that if a guy is driving a car with an underage girl in it that is barefoot, he can be arrested for statutory rape?
Huh? No... her mom just spread that rumor so that she’s not showing off her toes.

Maybe it's an inside joke, but, I sure wonder why it needs to be on a municiple website?

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