Why I don't do Google Ads...

Watchdog Milwaukee has a good article up about Coulter and McBride ruining it for the GOP.

However, if you look at the ads generated by Google to go along with the post, it is all advertising that benefits Coulter and the GOP.

Because there is no control over what will be posted, I don't think Google ads should be part of a political website.

It is not as serious for bloggers, but I 100% do not feel a candidate or local party should use free services or try to generate ad revenue through this means. Often, the advertising accompanying your message will undermine it.

I know these are random, but here is the screen grab I got when logging on the Watchdog:

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Eric said...


Google AdSense does provide a way for you to control what is added to your site. If you see an ad that you don't like, find the first-level domain address (for Microsoft, it'd be microsoft.com)which on text ads is directly below the ad text. You can log into your adsense account and there is a feature called "competitive ad filter." All you have to do is input the first-level domains (or url if your want to be specific) and those ads will no longer be shown.