Jazwiec and Crime Reporting

I'm sure we have all seen the story about Jazwiec's alleged victimization:
Jazwiec said he talked to the man at length to try to calm him and at one point gave him a beer. After being in the house "probably an hour," the man left with a computer and an iPhone, Jazwiec said. He said no one in the family was hurt.
Now, Jazwiec runs a technology company... You think he would know that if someone steals your phone, you report it right away. SO IT CAN BE TRACKED... you do not wait one week to cooperate.

As we learned in the news recently:
Authorities found the Maple Valley woman after detecting the general location of her cell phone Thursday morning, then searching along Highway 169 near Renton, southeast of Seattle, the route she took home from work.
I believe that the understatement of the month is:
"There are serious questions as to the veracity of this report at this point," D'Amato wrote in an e-mail Tuesday to neighborhood residents, many of who had been rattled by Jazwiec's statements.

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Anonymous said...

Correction: His wife (at least until the next filing; see CCAP) waited a week to cooperate. He was out of the country by then -- in London, where he could call Charlie Sykes' show, but couldn't call MPD from his home.