More on the GB Nativity

Here a good quote from the Recess Supervisor:

It never ceases to amaze me that a small minority of Christians who clearly feel threatened by the concept of religious pluralism feel the need every holiday season to wage this pointless battle. They aren't putting their Nativity scenes up in public spaces to celebrate their faith. They're doing it to pick a fight with those whose beliefs are in the minority. It's nothing other than faith-based bullying.

Here's a great place for a nativity scene: in front of a church. Here's another one: in your front yard.

But, of course this has nothing with trying to establish a state religion, listen to this fair and balanced argument:

"This is crazy," said Tim Entringer of Green Bay. "It's Christmas. I'm sad in my heart. There is only one God, and you've got to keep him up. The only way to get to God is through Jesus. It's the true religion. You have to do it."

But, the market has spoken, and the secularists have won:

In the ongoing battle over whether it's better to use the term "Christmas" or "holidays," "holidays" came out the big winner in 2007.

In its fourth annual survey, GiftBasketsDeluxe.com (http://www.GiftBasketsDeluxe.com), a major gift basket company, today announced the results of an analysis of holiday gift card messages sent through their company.

The study showed that 60 percent of holiday gift baskets sent used the politically correct term "holidays" on their gift card, as opposed to the more traditional term "Christmas."

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