Yet again, Republicans are on the wrong side: Poll shows majority support state-run health care in Wisconsin

A majority of Wisconsin residents favor a state-run health insurance system, but even more like the idea of expanding existing programs or investing in health savings accounts, according to a poll released Wednesday.

The results lend support to Democratic lawmakers’ efforts to pass a universal health care plan rejected by Republicans during this year’s budget negotiations.

Fifty-one percent of respondents support replacing the current health insurance system with one administered by the state government covering all residents, the University of Wisconsin Survey Center’s Badger Poll said.
Seventy-two percent favor requiring all people to have insurance, either from their employer or another source. And 82 percent support expanding existing state health insurance programs for low-income people.
*50 percent said the state’s health care system had major problems, 35 percent said there were minor problems, 12 percent said it was in a state of chaos and 2 percent said there are no problems.


Al said...

Jef, first of all, 51 percent is well within the margin of error, in terms of a majority.

Second, Badger Poll had Bush beating Kerry by double digits in Wisconsin. Could you remind me how that one turned out again?

Finally, just because a majority supports something doesn't necessarily mean they're right. A majority would have supported keeping slavery and segregation at one time. A majority elected Reagan and George W. Bush. It didn't mean they were right. I'm not at all comparing health care reform to slavery, simply saying that just because a majority supports something, doesn't imply that it's right.

Ann said...

To Al: that does not mean that 49% disagree, there are also those who have not decided, which decreases your margin of error. Instead of trying to argue the statistics, try arguing the merit of the arguement. You have not convinced me that it is a bad idea (in fact I think Jef is right on par).