Great Column on Purchasing Locally

From OshNW Community Columnist Steve Volkert

Commentary: Supporting community commerce more important than lowest price

Case in point is Wal-Mart with their philosophy that sold so many over the holiday season. "Save money, live better." Did they say, "Shop locally, save jobs?" No. Did they say, "Better service means better satisfaction?" No. Did they say, "Buy from those you know?" No. They said, "Save money, live better." Because after all, if we can save money on what we want, we will have a better life and it doesn't matter what it means for anone else. Is this what we as a society have gotten to? It's all about me?
Let me give you an example. I bought my vehicles from Don. Jerry keeps them safe for me to drive. My grocer is Jim and my garbage hauler is Dave. I have fish at Sandy's and sit down for a beer at Pat's. Dan takes care of my mortgage and Kristi takes care of my checking and savings. This spring I'm having Bill put in windows that I'm buying from Eric. Ken is my pharmacist and Jack is my family's doctor. When I die, Steve and Denise will take care of my family and me and make sure everything goes as planned.

Does price really matter to me? No. And not because I have an incredible wealth, but because these are my friends and I know I can trust them with my hard-earned money. If I have problems with their products or services I can talk to them; if I need something I can request it. And because they're friends, I know my voice will be heard. Not only do I buy from them, I also eat with them, go to ball games with them, coach with them and worship with them. They serve my community and are a part of my community. These are local business owners and their friendship means more than price. They are the people I can buy from, I can trust, I can sit down and talk with over a cold beer. And you know what, I've never had a beer with Sam Walton. Please, shop your locally owned independent businesses whenever possible.

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