Great Letter in Today's OshNW:

Editorial: Highway workers deserve respect for work, not immature scorn

I'd like to respond to Mr. Ken McGuire's extremely immature letter to the editor dated Feb. 8.

I am the wife of a county highway employee and would like to comment on a few things myself. We have two very young children at home that have seen very little of their father this winter because he has been making sure that your highway and county roads are safe for you and your family to travel on. They recently lost two of their peers due to the dangers of their job and I am disappointed that an individual would feel the need to make public issue with seven of them receiving compensation for hours unpaid that spanned over a year and a half worth of time.

So in the future, consider who takes care of your roads when it's 95 degrees and they are laying asphalt or 15 below and 2 a.m. when the roads are blown shut. These are honest, hard-working individuals that are trying to do the same thing that I am sure you are - provide for their family.

Lisa Averkamp Hilbert

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