County Nursing Home Opens...

I am proud that the County Board and Executive built this new home. The OshNW has good coverage of it today:

It's been a week since residents of the two nursing homes at Park View Health Center moved into the new building, and the smile on Ron Fauk's face is still ear-to-ear.

"When I walked in here I couldn't believe it. I thought it was just beautiful," Fauk said.

Click here for a photo gallery of the new Park View

Fauk, 61, is a divorced father of two who managed men's clothing stores in Oshkosh, Fond du Lac and Wausau before moving into Pleasant Acres a year and a half ago. He has cerebral palsy and other health conditions, and uses a wheelchair.

Dressed smartly in a blue lambs wool sweater and pink and blue striped polo shirt, Fauk admitted he still enjoys shopping. He greeted visitors in the main lobby of the new $23 million building Wednesday.

He pointed to the polished wooden doors at the entrance to the great room and spoke animatedly about the real tablecloths and napkins in the kitchen of Woodlands South, the wing of the building he shares with about 20 other residents.

"The food isn't delivered to us on trays. It feels like you're in a restaurant or something," he said.

The flat screen TV in his room and his own private bathroom are pretty cool features, too.

Fauk is one of the 168 residents of Pleasant Acres and the Rehabilitation Pavilion, Winnebago County's two former nursing home buildings, who moved into their new homes last Tuesday and Wednesday.

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