More costs for county voting machines...

We have a resolution before the board tomorrow:

WHEREAS, a new help desk support feature has recently been added by Premier Elections to the County Clerk’s election equipment costing $3,250; and
WHEREAS, this feature provides much improved technical support to the department and eliminates per hour charges for calls; and
WHEREAS, memory cards had to be purchased for the voting machines costing a total of $17,000; and
WHEREAS, a hands free telephone would be beneficial when long phone conversations are needed with municipal clerks and election vendor help during very busy elections; and
WHEREAS, these costs were unknown or not anticipated when the 2008 budget was prepared; and
WHEREAS, there are insufficient funds in other accounts in the County Clerk Department to cover these additional costs.
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Winnebago County Board of Supervisors that it hereby appropriates $20,600 from the General Fund Undesignated Fund Balance to the following accounts of the County Clerks 2008 budget:

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