What would a (real) judge say if this was your defense...?

Gableman said last week he did not remember why he called the Republican Party headquarters, McCallum's fund-raising staff or people who gave to McCallum at the fund-raiser in Cable he hosted. But he said he did not think the calls were political in nature. State law forbids using government resources for campaign purposes.


Zach W. said...

The good old, "I forgot" defense. That always works.

appletonian said...

Strange how in the eyes of liberals conservatives are never "innocent until proven guilty."

Only those who are accused of much more heinous offenses are given that courtesy...like Osama bin Laden (http://www.nationalreview.com/mccarthy/mccarthy200401070903.asp).

Nate said...

What if he was just calling up a friend to see if they wanted to meet for lunch. Would that be breaking the rules?