How public will the process really be?

Here is the OshNW article about the (already) confusing appointment process for the Oshkosh Common Council seat.

Looking at the time frame from the article:

The newly elected city council met for the first time Tuesday afternoon to discuss the process. With the hopes of soliciting public input on the issue, the matter was pushed back to the May 12 meeting.
Councilors who favored the application process also suggested accepting letters of interest and resumes for a one- to two-week period, which would likely lead to a vote to fill the position in the last week of May.
So, they want to decide how to fill the position on May 12th. Then have the appointment on May 26th - two weeks to the day later.

This doesn't really leave a lot of time for the application and interview process. It would seem to me that there is really only time to review people you already know in that time.

If you give 2 weeks to submit the application, then the appointment would need to be moved into June.

I think this could easily turn into a railroad. We need to keep our eyes on the process and actions closely.

Is this truly an open application process, or a thin veil to put over a selection that has already been made?

We will be monitoring...

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