Limbaugh Argument Against National Healthcare: Private Healthcare Takes Care of Dogs Just Fine....

He says "it works" because "It depends on your ability to pay."

And describes swank animal hospitals and dog kennels.

Hey Rush, what do you do to a dog when you can't afford to pay for their care?

Are you advocating for putting the sick poor to sleep?


random n00b said...

At first I thought,as I always do when someone FORCES me to listen to Limbaugh, that the man is insane.

Then I realized his comparison is apt. It describes perfectly the viewpoint of a social darwinist. Everything hangs on where you find yourself at birth, or in this analogy, who your "owners" are. That's what determines each individual's quality of life - if you are "owned" by a rich or poor family. Rich babies deserve better care, and better lives by virtue of their being rich. Poor babies deserve, abuse, deprivation or slow death, because they haven't got the Bling.That's how it "works" with dogs in the private sector, and that's often how it "works" for people too.

Tomorrow perhaps Rush will want to draw analogies from the ancient Mayan culture. They did ritual sacrifice of children and often flayed their victims (that means skinned them alive). Priests then wore the skins for the rest of the ceremony. That "worked" in their culture just fine.
Other cultures have left live newborns in the jungle to be eaten by predators as a means of population control. Rush could do a series of shows focusing on health care programs that WORK that way.
Hmm that thing with Herod killing off the first born males though, TOTALLY not a private sector thing, Herod was obviously a Democrat.

CJ said...

random n00b,

You are a twisted soul.
twisted soul fan

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