Will the Newest Council Members Decide the Main St Parking Lot Issue?

The Oshkosh Common Council will decide on Tuesday whether to support local small business on Main St or to delay/cancel a previously approved parking lot redesign project.

And, in a show of how elections matter, it will be the 2 newest members of the council who will make the decision.

Severl current council members have come out on this issue. Mayor Esslinger is against it, as is Councilor McHugh. Councilor Palmeri has previously proposed to have this project delayed.

I would assume from previous votes in favor of the project that Councilors King and Tower are in support.

That puts the vote at 3 against the lot & 2 in favor of the lot. Either of the 2 newest councilors, Buccholz or Poeschl can kill the lot.

Elections matter.


Anonymous said...

Poeschl will have to see how Palmeri votes and Buchholz will probably follow Esslinger and Magoo (er, I mean McHugh)

Anonymous said...

Decision is already made. Poeschl votes like Palmeri instructs him to, and Buchholz will vote with Esslinger. 5-2, parking lot dies.