More on Palmeri and the Grand

Some quotes from his blog:

1. In reference to budget deliberations:
Deputy Mayor Bain submitted a CIP amendment: Grand Opera House Sprinkler Project. Motion to have the City fully fund the Grand Opera House sprinkler project. Rationale: The city owns the project, and I feel it is our obligation for maintenance and upkeep, and the sprinkler project certainly falls into that category. The Foundation Board should be focused on their projects to enhance the facility. Benefit - The experience that the citizens and patrons have when visiting the building.
2. Discussing a performance he was in to help raise private money for childrens programs at the Grand:
So thanks again to Joe Ferlo and the Grand Opera House, two Oshkosh treasures.
Tony, what changed? I'm sure most of the people who voted for you did not do so thinking you would say the Grand is "dead on arrival" (his exact quote below):

Contact Mr. Palmeri and remind him why the Grand was important to him, and why it is to you!

(920) 235-1116

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