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Transcript from the end of the Oshkosh City Council meeting:

Esslinger: OK now, Dennis the final thing, and I think you are going to like this the most. I talked about a fundraising drive, and there was money left over. So, I’m here to present the rest of the money. So, before I hand this over I do know a guy that has a firetruck that is looking…

(Council laughs – Palmeri & Poeschl on camera)

Esslinger: I just had to get that in there, I’m sorry. So here’s the rest of the fundraising money.

(Hands Envelope to McHugh)

Esslinger:That’s yours, that’s from the fundraising, for you leaving the council, for the ads, um and the portrait there, not the portrait. Um… No, I’m the only one that knows, so… We’ll put that in the city account and then we’ll dole that out to you… (laughter)

McHugh: I really don’t know how many people donated money, I know it has to be a lot, or how much each one donated. But I tell you. I love Oshkosh people.

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I Can See Clearly Now... said...

fast work Jef -
good for you.

You'll get crap that this is "personal" but people have to keep hammering away at these double standards till the idea sticks. and people look objectively at the behavior and not who is doing the behavior.

Palmeri made his political career, NOT by community involvement (a much more common "ladder") but by constant and harsh ethics accusations launched against other people. By sitting there in the audience waiting for some minor slip-up or some small human act that occurs outside rigid legal definitions and then jacking it as far and hard as possible.
The King of the Manufactured Controversy.
Now that he's in the spotlight (or do I mean "Sunshine") he finds the light a little too bright.

So this is not just about Esslinger. If TP wasn't so closely tied to him personally he would be screaming loud and long about all these lax behaviors. Instead he works hard to dim the light that gets cast upon his cronies.
Makes people who supported them wanna hurl.